Hayden Panettiere

( Sheryl Yoast )

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Her personalty :

She has some rudeness in her when she got to meet coach Boone, and sometimes she get mad easily when something goes wrong. she has attitude when she meets coach Boone's daughter.

What time of channel ?

she usually screaming at all the games or when she is mad and the foot ball players did something wrong.
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The lack of communication skills cases problems ..like when ...

When she got mad at coach Boone and sad things to him and hated him for taking her fathers spot.
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How did their communication and relationships change over the course of the movie ?

When Sheryl does not get along with coach Boone's daughter and does not like playing with her but at the end they get along and play with each other.
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What era in history is this movie portraying ?

The Civil Rights Movement was going on in 1970.
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What effect do you think integration has on the characters communications ?

When they when fighting about who what who and who was what and did not get along.
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How did the communication help the character to succeed?

the talked about the problems and had to talk to each other about their life?

How did communication help others ?

They had to talk like when coach Boone helped Louie get to collage.

How can communication help you be successful in your life ?

Well for be communication help me communicate with family and help me solve problems in my life.