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Rabia, host of Dream Bubble

Dream Bubble presents a radio show where everyone, especially Afghan women and men will be invited to talk about their dreams and plans and strategies to achieve those dreams. Dream Bubble especially encourages the big-dreamers who want to bring positive changes in their communities, especially in part of women's rights to think about the dream they want to achieve and the vision they have for the future. It can be about what you want to be able to do, to see and have in your life or someone else's. So, dream big; think about what do you have in your dream bubble; and come and talk about those big dreams and how you want to achieve it with us on Dream Bubble.

Global Leaders of Afghanistan's Male Feminist Movement

Thursday, Jan. 16th, 1pm

This is an online event.

Listen below or at

Special Guest, Ali Shahidy, Discusses Being A Male Feminist

Ali Shahidy is a women’s rights activist from Afghanistan and a psychology student at Norwich University. He has been involved in grassroots movements in Afghanistan like, social walks, protests and panel discussions regarding women’s issues. His independent activism includes raising awareness programs and seminars in private schools. His seminars mostly cover topics like, “the effects of domestic violence on children,” and “street harassment.” He is also the founder of the Facebook page called Daughters of Afghanistan. Ali received a scholarship from Norwich University last year and moved to United States. He pursues social psychology with a concentration on neuroscience.


Yesterday I was clever

So I wanted to change the world

Today I am wise

So I am changing myself


About Your Host, Rabia

Born in Afghanistan, Rabia Salihi lived the greater part of her life away, in the beautiful city of Parachinar, Pakistan. After graduating from Marefat High School in Kabul, she is currently studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) as a third year student at Asian University for Women (AUW) in Bangladesh.

She enjoys the multicultural environment of AUW that has also connected her to many other professional women activists and helped her free her outlook from the constraints that the society has put on her perspective as a woman. This, as a great turnover in her life, has led her to be enthusiastic when it comes to equality of women and men. She started her activism by writing about women and their equal rights for the World Pulse since 2011 and became a citizen journalist by graduating Voices of Our Future Program 2013.

Having lived in societies which do not value dance, she has always had a passion for dance and wanted a chance to learn and practice freely. She wanted to make this dream possible for many other dreamers as herself.

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