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Kindness Matters

Dr. Gifford

The holiday season is upon us and 2018 is just around the corner. This time of year inspires folks to reflect upon the year’s events and, with all good intentions, pledge to make positive changes in the New Year. The holidays also stir a range of emotions; sadness, anxiousness, joy and gratitude to name a few. A.A. Milne captured feelings of gratitude in his 1926 classic Winnie the Pooh when he wrote “Piglet noticed that even though he had a very small heart, it could hold a rather large amount of gratitude.” As we read the story we find Piglet felt grateful for the richness of his life. He expressed gratefulness for his friends, a roof over his head and just enough delicious “haycorns” to fill his belly. In his simple way he reminds us to be thankful for the things money can’t buy.

The Central Office team wishes everyone a joyous holiday break. Like Piglet, we are truly grateful for our life’s abundance and especially appreciate each and every one of you who is a part of our community of teachers and learners. You Matter!

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Literature and the Holidays go well together at Potter School. Preschoolers enjoyed "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" by Dr. Seuss while 5th graders worked in literature circles to read and discuss Charles Dicken's "A Christmas Carol"

DMS Students Attend The MIAA Youth Leading Everywhere Abstaining from Drugs Conference

MIAA Youth Leading Everywhere Abstaining from Drugs Conference for Middle School Student Leaders and Advisers held in Franklin MA. Twenty 8th Grade RARE Reps from DMS attended and participated in Workshops Monday. December 18th.8 middle schools from around the state attended. Student leaders discussed leadership techniques and how to educate other students about drug and alcohol abuse. The Reps would like to take what they learned on Monday and share it with DMS after the holidays. DMS Reps were recognized by the hosts for being focused, professional, and enthusiastic!

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Fifth Graders at Demello School learn about load and distribution during the STEM challenge - Design and Construct a Christmas Tree Gumdrop Challenge. What shape was the strongest?

Kindness Matters!

Several members of the Dartmouth Police Department surprised Quinn third grader Lucas Ross in front of all of his third grade peers. Recently Lucas bought a toy for himself at Target, but after seeing the police officers collecting toys for the needy, he gave his toy away! The police officers surprised him with a certificate and a bunch of awesome toys! Kindness matters!

Always learning -- even in our PJ'S!

Cushman students are sending their "smiles" and holiday cards to patients at St. Luke's!

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Potter School Festive Sweater Day!

DHS Ugly Sweater Day!

Grade 5 at Demello School dissolving candy canes experiment! Fun and educational Scientific Method!

Mrs. Sylvia's class at Cushman School had a pajama drive to benefit children living in shelters.

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Entrepreneurship and GIving Back!

Demello School third graders in Leslie Gamache’s class designed, marketed, and sold wreaths on a chilly December morning to raise cash for The Giving Tree, a school fund which benefits DeMello families who don't have money in the budget for groceries and toys this holiday season. The wreath sale was sparked by a brainstorming session between Gamache and STEM instructional specialist Josh Rodrigues. Students got to work. They wrote letters to the superintendent and principal seeking approval for the project, created a green screen commercial for the sale, advertised via the school’s Facebook page and homemade signs, learned the history of wreaths, and computed math calculations along the lines of “How much money would we make if we sold 10 wreaths?" Students also calculated the project's total sales and expenses before figuring out the net profit!
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Staff Spotlight

Name: Beth Brooks Arguin

School/Position: DMS Unified Arts Teacher

Hometown: Dartmouth, MA

Education: Graduate of DHS, BFA UMass Dartmouth, MFE Boston University

One goal I have achieved in my career so far that I feel most satisfied about: Completing my masters degree.

A long term goal I am working toward: To have all students appreciate the arts

Role model or someone who has had a great impact on my life: High school art teacher, Mrs. Gabrielle Giblin

If I could travel anywhere in the world it would be: France

If I could eat dinner with someone famous, dead or alive, it would be: Ansel Adams and Vincent Van Gogh

Pet Peeve: People who chew with their mouth open

Favorite leisure time activity: Playing ice hockey

Favorite movie: Singing in the Rain

I think the world’s greatest invention is: The camera

My favorite motto or saying: Treat others how you want to be treated

What I like best about working at DPS: The kids and the people with whom I work with.