Roberts Middle School

April 27, 2015

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Seeds of Possibility

I hope everyone survived STAAR week. The hard work, dedication, and countless hours you invested in the lives of your students will be proven in their results. Before I made the jump to Dobie High School, I worked at intermediate schools for 11 years. Last school year, I had a chance to see my Class of 2014 BHI students walk the stage as graduates. Prior to this, I had never seen any of my students graduate. I never fully realized the value of participating in this phase of a student’s academic achievement. There is something so powerful in seeing the students you have invested in for years walk the stage as graduates. The seeds of possibilities that you as teachers have harvested and cultivated month after month does payoff. As educators we pass the baton of learning to the next grade level of trusted teachers each year to develop and nurture our students. You do make a difference. The value of learning you instill in each and every learner does pay off. As 5th and 6th grade teachers, you may underestimate the impact you have on the long-term success of each student’s academic life. I want to remind you that every day you spend cultivating students has a significant impact on the outcome of their academic career.

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News from the Flight Deck

I am excited to share with you the progress of the school. It is hard to believe that within a few months this shell of steel and brick will be transformed into our new school. I am enthusiastic that this building will soon be filled with the best group of teachers and students who deserve the best learning experience. A "BIG" thanks to Adriana Robinson, our Special Education Department Head, for making this video!

RMS Building Peek

Committee "Launch"

Modeling is key in everything we do at Roberts. My team and I have designed a blended model for all three committees. We truly believe that learning and collaboration can take place anywhere. This will enable participants to contribute despite the constraints of time and space. Christine will be sending you the committee agenda. Rebecca will be sending you directions on what to do for each committee.

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Committee "Destination and Arrival Time "

Arrival Time: 4:30

Destination: Community School

May 5th : Mission Statement Committee: The goal of this committee is to help formulate a sustainable mission statement for the school.

May 6th: Structure/Routines/Discipline Committee: The goal of this committee is to start the process of creating and designing school wide rules based on Conscious Discipline.

May 7th: Social Committee: The task of this committee will be to help implement activities that are designed to foster relationships both inside and outside of school.

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