Ferdinand MAGELLAN

Read to discover MAGELLAN'S journey across the US.

By: Kaitlyn

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Early life

(1480-1521).The first European to sail across the pacific ocean was the Portuguese navigator and explorer Ferdinand Magellan. He was the first person to discover a route by which ships could sail a complete circle around the world . The strait of Magellan is named for him. The strait,located at the southern tip of south America,proved to be the long-sought connection between the Atlantic pacific ocean . Sailing for the route from Europe to the riches of the East ,a route involved sailing to the west.

Ferdinand Magellan was born in about 1480, probably in the portion.

The voyage started

On September 20, 1519, Magellan set sail from Sanlucar de Barrameda,in southwestern Spain,in command of five small vessels. He sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and down coast of south America until cold weather and winter storms forced him to seek winter quarters. He had to put down a mutiny (rebllion) by force, and one of his ships was wrecked while surveying. Sailing again in August 1520, Magellan's fleet eventually rounded a promontory (A high point of land). On October 21 he sighted what he guessed to be the sought-for strait. Two ships went ahead and reported that the strait led to an ocean beyond. the fleet proceeded. What they had thought to be the ocean, however, proved to be only a large bay in the strait. At a council with his navigators Magellan decided to go on.

for more then a month Magellan battled his why through the stormy 325-miles (525-kilometer) passage that now bears his name. One vessel deserted, sailing back to Spain. Nevertheless, Magellan insisted that the remaining three ships continue on.

Seeking El Paso

At first voyage on the pacific went well. After sailing for a month terrible hardships struck the fleet. the food and water run low, and the sailors were reduced to eating the leather fittings of the ship. many of the crew died of scurvy (scurvy is a disease). the fleet sailed about 100 days before arriving at the island that are now called the Philippine.

At Limasawa, Magellan converted the king and his chief followers to Christainity. Magellan sailed from Cebu to the neighboring island of Mactan. There he and his men became involved in a fight with islander, and Magellan. contrary to popular belief, Magellan succeeded in sailing around the world before his death. He did not encompass ( The head band on her head encompassed her head with flowers that went all around the head band) the globe on a single voyage, On a previous eastbound voyage to the East Indies, he had gone beyond the longitude

(east-west position) of the Philippines. Thus,at the time he was killed, he had already overlapped his earlier course.