DeWitt Clinton Elementary School

October 2018 Newsletter

Principal's Message

Dear Clinton School Parents, Alumni, and Community Members,

October has been an exciting month at Clinton! The construction on the exterior of the building and roof continues. It is wonderful to see the progress and changes to the building.

We are ending the first quarter and parents will receive their child's report card on November 14th. The first ten weeks have passed by quickly! Our fall sports are wrapping up and winter sports are being organized. Our after school programming is thriving thanks to the organization of our coordinator, Debi Prince. Students are in after school classes focused on everything from homework help to STEM and music classes.

We are proud to announce Clinton is designated as a Level 1+ school which means we are in Good Standing as measured by CPS! This is an amazing task and a testament to the hard work and dedication of our phenomenal faculty and staff!

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This month we received a tremendous donation from Lenovo of two classroom sets of virtual reality (VR) glasses. Several of our teachers are currently being trained by Lenovo on how to integrate this new technology within their classrooms. We are looking forward to hosting Lenovo in November for a kickoff event to publicize this new educational tool. Our students are fortunate to be the first students in CPS with this type of technology! As a school we continue to strive to offer our students the best education possible by exposing them to new ideas, strategies, technologies, and experiences.
To end the month, we celebrated Halloween with a parade this afternoon!
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Wishing you all the best,

Maureen Delgado


Donors Choose Projects

Donating to a Clinton School Donors Choose project is a great way to support our students! We currently have a few projects waiting to be funded:

Mr. Robert Turner's Project: Place Violins in the Hands of Our Youth

Many current and former Clinton students have benefited from Mr. Turner's musical talents. We are fortunate to have a talented teacher and musician at Clinton. Music lessons can be very expensive for families to afford. Our students are lucky to learn how to play the violin, harp, cello, and bass for free. Please help us continue to grow and support this program by donating to Mr. Turner's project. He currently needs $200 to reach his goal. Any amount would be appreciated!

The Walls are Our Canvas - Project by Alanna Henry

These materials will help our student-led mural class come to life. Students come to this class with a wide range of experience and skill levels, but all of them have big ideas when it comes to filling up our hallways with culture and color. Students are learning how to select and design murals that will appeal to the entire student body--murals that reflect the rich diversity of interests, backgrounds, and ambitions in our school community. We will use a technique that involves projecting mural images onto walls and canvases, tracing the images, and then painting within the traced lines. This technique makes mural painting accessible to all skill levels and ages. Even students that don't consider themselves "artists" will see that they can contribute to beautifying the school.

Currently Alanna Henry needs $704 to meet her goal.

Clinton After School Programming

STEM in Collaboration with Bit Space

During the first session with BitSpace, the students learned how to use various tools (drills, saws, etc.) appropriately and practice with different types of wood. In their second session, they began designing their projects. First they started drawing their ideas on paper, and as they got more detailed they added measurements to them. This made it easy for BitSpace to bring the right sized wood that students needed. Some of their projects are very detailed (tables, chairs, birthday cakes and key chains), so they are learning how to design on a computer so that they can laser print certain materials. Students have started building their projects and cannot wait to see how they turn out!

CPS Scores: Clinton Sports Program

Cross Country

Coaches Grube, Luevano, and Vargas are so proud of how the Clinton cross country team has developed in these past few years. Athletes went from walking around Green Briar Park at the beginning of the season, to learning how to run at a speed that they can keep for over a mile! Although practices were at the early time of 7:30 every morning, seeing our athletes show up with smiling faces every day really showed us the resilience that Clinton students have!
Our first meet was at the Lakefront on Montrose. It was cold and rainy, but that didn't stop over 15 of our athletes to show up and run their best! On October 16, we had our Regional Meet at Horner Park against all the schools on the North side of Chicago. Congratulations to Daisy O. and Yovany C. for qualifying for the City Championship!
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