Missy's Monday Motivation

Starting the week with a little sparkly inspiration

Two weeks left to sparkle this January!

Are you girls DROOLING over the spring line or what? Giddy with excitement over the sign up special and hostess bonus days? Or - are you still a little sleepy and regrouping from the holidays? Either way - let's get fired up this week and take action to share our SDJOY!

It's like exercising….I have been avoiding it and taking a "break" from it for too long. I have a choice…I can continue to choose NOT to make time to get my body strong and healthy OR I can put on my running shoes and sports bra and get my heiner on that treadmill or to the gym. I MUST SCHEDULE time to do it - or I am going to go to bed STILL in my workout clothes. I actually reached out to THREE friends to keep me accountable…we are picking specific times and dates to head to the gym. I am even getting rid of my "mommy guilt" bc I chose friends who have kids Lucy's age so SHE can enjoy a little playdate with these kids. Win - Win for all. Now…I know after a week, two weeks, or even three weeks I might not have the rockin' body I am envisioning (LOL) BUT I KNOW I am going to feel better, see some small results (maybe my pjs won't be snug anymore) and BELIEVE that these CONSISTENT actions WILL pay off! They WILL move my "body" forward and I will celebrate the success along the way! I know exercise MUST be a PRIORITY so it becomes a HABIT and it is just something I do and do again and again and again. And how good will it be when I get in my groove and have momentum and energy and strong body I can simply maintain!

So - it's all about going back to the basics.

1. Remembering WHY you are doing this

2. Setting a goal, making a plan, and taking action

3. Warming up and following up with 10 gals a week until we have our TS calendar where we want it.

4. Revving up our business by doing a New Line Launch Trunk Show of our own! Share your SDjoy with new and old friends, customers, and guests.

5. And of course sharing the opportunity everywhere you go.

love this quote that Jessica shared on today's leader call...

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I am here to help you fly!!! Or help YOU move forward in your own way!

Hello Hostess Bonus Days!

I love how hosting YOUR OWN "average" trunk show can be the answer to

1. Booking

2. Starting off your year with $250 in commission

3. Adding $300 in product to your display!

4. And earning those gorgeous summer earrings!!!!

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It's all about perspective...

I loved chatting with Laurie Falcon today and hearing about her New Line Launch yesterday. A ton of people never made it bc here in PA it was an icy disaster zone. A couple gals did make their way safely to her house, but most didn't buy. She could have looked back on that trunk show last night and though - HUGE FLOP!

BUT - Laurie has her Sassy Stella Lenses on….she sees OPPORTUNITY everywhere!!! You should have heard her excitement:

  • one of her upcoming hostesses came - she had a BLAST making her hostess wish list and you better bet she is now even more excited to get a huge crowd at her show
  • another gal works at a massage place. Laurie started thinking about how it would be so easy for her to layer in being a stylist to her job. Hello pop up shops!
  • she got TONS of feedback about the new line - great insight into which pieces were most adored (hello Bloom Necklace) and great authentic suggestions on how to style/wear them

Laurie knows that sometimes a trunk show is a SMASHING success bc of the "deposits" you make into your business that day. The relationships you are building. How gals feel happy leaving - even if a gorgeous little box isn't being delivered to their mailbox in 3 - 5 days. They know that their opinion was valued and there is never pressure to purchase.

Cannot wait to hear about all these seeds and how they grow and bloom because of what YOU are choosing to shine the light on Laurie!

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Team Talk Tuesday - we'll be chatting at our Team Meet up and Opportunity Event! But we can have a little "Thoughts on Thursday" 1:1 chit chat!

SOOO excited to see SO MANY of you tomorrow night! And WOW - we have a TON of guests coming!!!!! Totally in AWE of you girls and the conversations you are having with gals to share your SDjoy!

Want to set up a time to chat?

Still trying to figure out who to reach out to? Let's take 15 min together to (as my sweet friend Sallie Holder says) "POWER PROSPECT"!!! I would LOVE to help you brainstorm a list of gals!

Already chatting with some gals and not sure where to go from here? Pick a time slot and we can practice overcoming any objections you think she might throw at you or role play some words to say to "seal the deal"!

Sign up here: http://www.SignUpGenius.com/go/70A0F4CA4AB2FAB9-thoughts

Need another date or time? Text me and we can set something up! 484-459-1896

Last by not least….some amazing gals to stellabrate! Check out these Dazzling Gems who were Top in Sales and Sponsoring for 2014!


  1. Missy Bryan $132,345.95
  2. Alison Maugeri $103,579.04
  3. Stefanie Ott $92,487.35
  4. Kate Foster $61,471.35
  5. Laurie Falcon $58,237.60
  6. Shannon Burgwald $47,984.82
  7. Ann Heffelfinger $39,281.82
  8. Megan Harkin $35,267.67
  9. Meghan Scott $31,886.06
  10. Amy Pasqua $29,057.94
  11. Jen Francis $28,720.21
  12. Miki Farnese $27,470.38
  13. Kristy McKillop $26,993.30
  14. Christine Valenti $26,118.00
  15. Jeanine Nau $26,027.49


  1. Kate Foster 21
  2. Stefanie Ott 17
  3. Missy Bryan 15
  4. Ann Heffelfinger 12
  5. Shannon Burgwald 10
  6. Alison Maugeri 8
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xo Missy Bryan

Senior Director and Lucky Leader of YOU - The Dazzling Gems