By: Luca Domingues


Everyone starts clapping as the snowboarder does a flip in the and lands on his feet. The snowboarder glides down the snow wall and comes to the finish line. Now it has been a couple days and the snowboarder won a gold metal !!!!!!

Equipment for snowboarding

To keep you safe in snowboarding and to let you to be able to do it you need lots of

equipment. Such as helmets, halfpipe board, wrist guard, hard boots, heel edge, soft boots, alpine board, snowboard cross board and halfpipe boots.

How snowboarding is done

Snowboarding and all other sport have a specific way of being played or done. in snowboarding there is giant slalom in giant slalom is where a bunch of people compete and who ever has the fastest time and does the coolest tricks wins. Slalom is where two people race.

science of snowboarding

When you watch football or soccer or some kind of other sport live or on t.v. you don't really think there is science the sport but there is. The science to snowboarding is a snowboarder gains speed by converting a gravitational pull.