Marshall Plan and Truman Doctrine

The USA trying to help Europe

Truman Doctrine

March 1947 - The British army in Greece were preventing the communist rebels from taking over. The British informed the USA they could no longer afford supplies and so The Truman Doctrine was created by President Harry Truman's vision to stop communism from growing and spreading in Europe. His containment plan was to stop the Soviet Union from getting any stronger. The USA could not attack the Soviet Union because of fear of started WW3 so made the commitment to help the weaker nations.

Marshall Plan

In June 5 1947 Marshall calls for an American plan to help Europe. April 2 1948 The Economical cooperation act is passed by congress that authorizes the Marshall plan. April 15 1948 In Paris the first official meeting of the OEEC meets to discuss the nations need by US congress. The USA were worried that Europe could fall under communist rule because of how it had been affected by WWII. Marshall and Truman asked congress for $17 billion to help Europe because they were struggling and towns destroyed from the fighting. They tried to help build up Europe and its economy, the money was given in forms of food, medicine supplies, machinery, fuel, raw materials and improved transport system. Because of the Marshall plan the soviets were not happy because they could not provide them with as much money at USA could. Stalin forbade the communist countries to ask for help.On June 5 1972 Germany's chancellor Willy Brandt announces his creation of the German Marshall Fund to thank the USA for its assistance.


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