The Holocaust

Aleah Holt Acedemic 4

Do you know what the holocaust is? It was the killing of million of Jews! The leader of Germany during the holocaust(Adolf Hitler)wanted to rid Germany of Jews so he killed them! Most of the Jews were killed in concentration camps.The holocaust was really bad!

Concentration camps were set up by Germany's leader to kill Jews. He did this because he and his party the Nazis hated Jews. They believed that Jews were The reason Germany lost World war one ,so he started killing them. Most of the Jews were sent to concentration camps and got killed there. According to the text, " Between 1941 and 1944 Nazi German authority deported millions of Jews from Germany..." They were deported to concentration camps and most of them got killed!

The killing of millions of Jews was the holocaust. Germany leader during the holocaust (Adolf Hitler) was the reason they were killed because he wanted to rid Germany of Jews.The Jews got put in concentration camps and most of them were killed there! The holocaust was horrible!