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Donald trump denies request to release tax history

By Alex B.

On April 18th protesters in Kenosha,Wisconsin and tens of thousands more in over 200 cities protested to hopefully make Donald Trump release his tax return history.

The protesters think that Trump is doing something shady by not showing the world his tax history like every president has since Nixon, but he says there is no reason to do so because “The only people who want to see my tax history are reporters”.

Trump also claims that “The so-called angry crowds in home districts of some Republicans are actually, in numerous cases, planned out by liberal activists. Sad!"


By Emma Bourin

I am doing a news article on dance. Who I talked to was a dancer and a coach. We competed with four dances on Saturday and Sunday. When we competed was on March 10th-12th. Where we competed was in Chicago. Why we were in Chicago was for a dance competition. Here is some information I got from the dancer. She has been dancing for 6 years. What inspires her to dance is “Lets me express myself”. Some goals she has for dance is to get her left split down and to get on the senior team. The dances she dances are contemporary, jazz, hip hop, pom, and ballet. Here is some information I got from the coach. How long she has been teaching for is since the fall of 2007. The most style she is interested in teaching is contemporary because “I like to make the crowd feel something with the choreography I put into the dance.” What inspires her to teach is to help dancers achieve and become better. How she inspires her students is to never give up on them and for them not to give up on themselves.

We have a winner!

By Devin Brown

Ms. Schuh was a teacher that had won a Golden Apple Award for Bay View Middle School Vikings. Golden Apple Award winner, Ms. Schuh, had won this award and was deeply honored. “I think I speak for the entire team when I say that we feel so honored to have been chosen as Golden Apple winners.”- Ms. Schuh. Ms. Schuh has been working for Bay View for quite sometime working with her sister, Brooke Hoffman. Ms. Schuh had the feeling of winning as being comforting and is a symbol of celebration for helping the next generation learn and develop. She had been on many headlines for the Green Bay Press Gazette and Fox 11 News which had televised the event. Also the principal, Steve Meyers, and was very excited for her win. “We have had several Bay View teachers win Golden Apple Awards. I believe it represents all of the great teachers we have at Bay View.”- Mr. Meyers. Not only did he compliment Ms. Schuh, he was happy to have multiple teachers win. This was great accomplishment by Ms. Schuh and we are proud to have her on the Bay View Staff.

Her sister, Brooke Hoffman, as mentioned had something to say about her winning as being a family member. “I was so proud of her! I am always excited when someone from our district or school gets positive recognition,” she said, “The fact that she is my sister and one of my best friends just made it all the better. She is an amazing person and a phenomenal educator; she truly deserve this award.” Not only were her fellow teachers proud, she got support from her family family as well. This was a great success for her was a sign of great things to happen.

A&W Cruise Nights are starting up soon

By Jordan Caldwell

Dozens of car enthusiasts show up at A&W every Wednesday night in the summer to enjoy the Cruise Night car shows.

People drive their cars over to A&W and park in the grass or the parking lot. They walk around and look at many different types of cars. Some people ask questions about the owners cars, and they also answer questions about their own cars. The car shows were started because A&W thought it would a really fun social event, and they wanted to get more business. “As far as I know they have always been really successful,” said employee of A&W.

As well as enjoying the sight of the cars, you also get a discount on food at the restaurant. “In the long amount of time that I have been going to these car shows, I have never had a bad experience,” said Bob Caldwell, a car enthusiast himself. A&W Cruise Nights are known to be super fun to go to. They are a really casual atmosphere compared to other car shows, and they are a great way to get out of your house and socialize with other people in your community.

This year Bay View track team has a lot to live up to this year

By Colten Callesen

The bay view track team has now started. Coming off a unforgettable undefeated season. Last year the bay view 8th graders carried the school to a 8-0 record beating every team by 50+ points. Even the invite meet in Luxembourg casgo. This year is different for a reason because the top 3 scorers are no longer on the bay view track team. So now the 8th graders the last years 7th graders are going to have to step up and take charge and present the selfs to the bay port track team. This year the bay view track team students need to show what they can do and what can do so they can take the track team to new heights this year. They bay view track team is going to have to live up to a lot of expectations this year after coming off such an unforgettable season.

Meijers Creating Jobs

By Carson Elfe

In Green Bay Wisconsin on Shawano Avenue Meijers has started construction for a new store which bring will money and jobs to the community.

The new meijers will open on Jan 22,2017 and will post job openings on Jan 1.This will bring jobs to the community help many people who are unemployed and in need of .

Meijers will most likely beat out other big box stores in the community as said by Sean Kelly a Bay View Middle school financial literacy teacher “Meijer has been successful in competing with them in other communities so they will use the same marketing strategies here in Green Bay.”

Run for the orange dot

By Maddy Gobat

Around 120,000 people in the United States are currently on the waiting list for a lifesaving organ transplant. Donate Life walk was just last weekend. Which has remained everyone the need of organ donations. "It was shocking, it really was because I didn't think it happens to people like us", says Mrs. Burant, the mother of a son who needed an organ donation. Around 120,000 people in the United States are currently on the waiting list for a lifesaving organ transplant. It's life changing to hear something like this and families have a hard time with it.

“The orange dot means "passing on life" in my eyes. It is amazing, how many people have lived and are doing better due to getting an organ from someone who couldn't use it anymore. So, I find the orange dot a miracle because it has given so many people new life”, Says Reggian Finger, co-chairman for donate life. Lots of people believe that the orange dot means a lot and that you can live on after death. That when there gone they will still live on by giving other people life.

They rise awareness face to face traveling through talk. You never know who will be affected, from a three month old baby to a 50 year old person. Reggian Finger says “To spread the word... Just talking to people about this is fantastic . This is a topic that is not a common topic to talk about”.

Services from a man's best friend

By Austyn Granius Ginter

Service dogs assist people with physical, neurological, or psychological disabilities to perform everyday tasks. They help people overcome limitations caused by the disability and increase their independence and quality of life. They can provide alerts before the handler experiences a medical problem or assist when the problem occurs. They provide a wide range of assistance to address many types of physical limitations. They alert people with hearing impairment to ringing phones and doorbells. They can help people with Post Traumatic Stress, Military Sexual Trauma, or Traumatic Brain Injury to function successfully in public, helping them to feel secure and easing stressful situations. Each service Dog/handler team is individually trained to address the unique needs of the handler.
The length of training is different for every dog and there are many factors that need to be taken into account (i.e. age of dog, trainability, cue/skill sets they need to acquire, and level of involvement of the owner/handler). Sometimes training can take in excess of 1 year to complete depending on these factors. The cost depends on how much training is involved and the length of time the training will take. Payments are scheduled throughout the course of training to help make this program affordable to as many clients’ budgets as possible.
If you are not close to any of the locations listed on our website and are willing to travel, we are happy to discuss potential training options. We have had successful training programs with clients located internationally that have been willing to travel to work with us and use tools such Skype or Facetime for video conferencing in between in-person sessions. They train service dogs for many types of disabilities. This includes individuals with psychiatric or psychological diagnoses, as well as mobility, balance or other physical and neurological challenges. They also train dogs for medical conditions such as narcolepsy, seizures, traumatic brain injuries, hearing, allergen, and diabetes. They are able to customize training based on need and often work with clients who have rare conditions. They do not train Guide Dogs for the blind.

New Fusion’s spring showcase is going to be the best yet!

New Fusion Dance for years has been teaching kids to do their very best and showing the community that kids can do fun things. New Fusion Dance has some upcoming events, including their upcoming dance competition, and spring showcase! The showcase is a big event for the students, dancers have been preparing for this event for more than nine months. The showcase is held from May 13 - May 15. Students will be performing dances that they learn in classes that they take during the school year. For example dance styles like jazz, ballet, and lyrical. The showcase will be held at the Meyer Theater, tickets start at 10$. This showcase is the last one for another year, but don't worry if your children want to join the studio they still can. By registering for summer classes, summer classes run from May to the end of July depending on the class.

“I really love doing the spring showcase, it's a fun way to show off what I learned this year.” Said Emily.

"I have been dancing for two years now and really enjoy learning what I can do.” Said Emily.

From what the dancers have said they enjoy the events held at New Fusion Dance, especially the spring showcase.

A little background

New Fusion dance is a dance studio that is located in Green Bay, Appleton, and Waukesha. Who is the women behind this studio? That would be Rana Poley. “Her goal as an instructor is simple - to bring out the very best in all of her dancers” state's New Fusion website. If your child is interested there are many different things you can do for example ballet, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, and ect. Also if your child is interested you might consider having them join a team. There are two different types of teams, Company, and a Performance team. Company teams you try out for and you travel to different states. Performance teams stay in the Green Bay Area and your dancer is usually invited to be on the team. But with luck you might just get on one!

Award winning book Everything, Everything hits theaters

By Najma Hurre

The book everything everything was first released in 2015 for young adults, it instantly became a #1 New York Times bestseller. It was number one for over eight months and recommended by many top libraries and book critics. It was so good they decided to make a movie and it's predicted to be a major motion film. It will be released May 19th, so go watch in theaters. All of the people who read the book are spewing with excitement as they count the days down until it is released.

Even people who have never read it are excited and love the story line. After watching the trailer, the people I interviewed had a very positive reaction. “The movie looks interesting and I can't wait to go watch it.” Every reviewer was fascinated and hooked with the book and can't wait to see the movie. I showed two people the trailer and asked for their opinion on it and unsurprisingly they loved it and one had even read the book. The storyline is complex and deep and shows it in a different sense. It shines light on controversial topics in a fun and lighthearted way. The movie is well developed and well played out judging by the trailer and reviews.

The main character lived a very sheltered life, not because she had to but because she had a disease that made her unable to live the house. She spent her entire life with books, writing and art. She's intelligent and artistic, her mind is full of depth and creativity. Amandla Stenberg plays this role passionately and with fire. Go see the movie Everything Everything, in May 19th in theaters near you!

The Donate Life Run/Walk Promotes the Importance of Organ Donation

By: Darius Holewinski

Currently over 119,000 men, women and children are waiting for an organ transplant in the United States alone.

The NEW Donate Life Walk supports that vision, and in conjunction with Bay View Student Council and local businesses, will be sponsoring a 2.5 mile fun walk/run to raise money for Donate Life Wisconsin.

Donate Life Wisconsin educates the public about organ, tissue and eye donation and encourages everyone to register to be a donor.
The vision of the Donate Life Wisconsin is that everyone in Wisconsin will choose to be an organ, eye and tissue donor by the year 2020.
Funds raised will benefit Donate Life, a non-profit organization that increases organ donation awareness.
The purpose of the NEW Donate Life Walk is to raise awareness for organ transplantation

Found on

When asked questions Mr. Meyers (BV Principal) said "It took hundreds of hours and dozens of staff, the money goes to help families and awareness to increase donors benefit the cause,” when asked on his motive for the event he said “Our French teacher and Student Council advisor, Mrs. Burnt, had a son that benefitted from a donor. She and others are strong advocates for this important cause.”

When Madame Burant (BV French Teacher) was confronted with the same questions she said “This event takes a lot of planning, time and effort on the part of myself, The purpose of the walk is to raise awareness for the need for organ transplants. We hope that the walk raises this awareness and therefore more people begin to have the discussion with their loved ones about their wishes to be an organ donor if they die. All the monies we raise go to Donate Life Wisconsin.” When asked what her motive for the event was she said “My son Ethan had a liver transplant in april 2010 at the age of 11 months. I didn’t know much about organ donation or the need for it until our journey with Ethan began. I felt we needed to Pay It Forward and get involed more with Donate Life Wisconsin and spread the word.”

New Netflix show ‘13 Reasons Why’ takes world by storm

By Cassidy Johnson

On May 31st about two weeks ago, the Netflix Original was released— and since then has taken the internet by storm. With an IMDB rating of nine out of 10, along with the show getting wonderful feedback and being called “profound” and “massively important”, 13 Reasons Why is the show to watch. The teen drama follows Clay Jensen and his journey as he listens to 13 tapes about the 13 reasons why his former friend and crush, Hannah Baker, killed herself. And he's one of the reasons. But he's not the only one— on each tape, there's a Side A and a Side B, each cassette tape about one person who caused her to do the deed.

The show is almost a walking advertisement for mental health and suicide awareness, and has had a huge impact on those who watch it. “Some people might realize that what people say and do could affect somebody, and so when they see this show they realize they can't just treat people like garbage because it could cause them to end their own life,” says Halle, a fan and consumer of both the book and the show. Although the Mature show can be tough to watch, it still highlights important things that other shows fail to reach. “I think that's why people like it, because it's something a lot of people can connect with,” says Hailey, a fellow fan of the franchise. Selena Gomez— the executive producer of the show— has also really been trying to sell that theme by getting tattoos of semicolon tattoos with some of the members of the cast. She also followed up by wearing an electric blue nailpolish on the red carpet for the show’s premiere that was actually hannah’s in the show. She she had used it to paint the numbers on each cassette tape. It also had a subtle scene in the show where Kate Walsh, who plays Hannah’s mom, paints one of her nails with the color while sorrowfully reminiscing after her daughter’s suicide. The semicolon tattoo, however, represents supporting people who deal with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. It represents the thought that despite going through all this, you choose to keep going and stay strong since the semicolon is used when an author could end the sentence, but instead decides to keep going.

Even though the show has a wildly important message, some of the content is still a little too much for some of the younger kids. According to recent news, the book the Netflix show was based on was actually banned from many middle schools across the US, leaving it only available for high schoolers. This is because of the many parts involving underage drinking, sexual content, and the taboo subject of suicide that some schools believe the children can't handle, or shouldn't be be exposed to yet.

On the subject of the book, even though the book doesn't have a sequel, the Executive Producer of the show— Selena Gomez— recently confirmed that there will in fact be a second series for the TV show after the overwhelming success with the first season. I think it's safe to say that most everyone is excited for the second season. Many people weren't satisfied with the finale of Season One, and said it ended on way too many cliffhangers— and the cast of the show agrees. “I honestly did not realize how much was going to be left open at the end. I think that there's potential to know more about these characters and I think that there are good stories to be told,” says Dylan Minnette, who plays the main character of Clay Jensen. “I also feel like if that was the ending, it’s also a beautiful way to end it.” And he's not the only one in favor of the second season. Minnette’s co-star, who plays Zach in the show, also agrees. For the most part, everyone rooting for a second season and it looks like their dreams are coming true.

I can see why they'd want a second season, too. 13 Reasons Why is quoted as “a refreshing and unflinching look at taboo subjects that are rarely touched upon in mainstream media” by IMDB user markshort-78073. Overall, everyone is in love with the series and the unique storyline, and many people love the message it sends out— especially with the fact that the message is being sent out to people who need to hear it the most. Hurrah to you, cast and producers of the show for making such an important, profound message in the best, most fashionable way.

Teen store Aeropostale has closed down after 44 years

By: Hailey Kane

One of the most popular teens store Aeropostale had closed down over almost all their stores across as the U.S in May of 2016 due to the uprising of competition, but made a comeback this January by opening 500 Aeropostale's back up.

Aeropostale is forced to shut down after filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy in May of 2016 after their fierce competition had over ruled them. Although, they weren't closed for long when they were acquired by Authentic Brands Group, Simon Property Group and General Growth Properties in September of that same year. The groups bought Aeropostale back for $243.3 million. By late January of 2017 over 500 stores have been re-opened. With the exciting news that they are reopening they also had just come out with the new spring 2017 collection and believe it's a good way to get back into business. "Our store associates are thrilled for the new Aéropostale and look forward to welcoming new and returning customers into the store,” said Marc Miller, CEO of Aéropostale. After interviewing new and old customers of Aeropostale we know that they are really enjoying the new and improved Aeropostale and even a little more than the old one. Employees believe this is a new start for Aeropostale and that it will give them more publicity.

Fidget Spinners The New Trend At Bay View Middle School

By:Jairo Marmolejo

Fidget spinners are the trend at Bay View Middle School. And were invented during 1997 by Catherine A. Hettinge and made in the U.S.

Fidget spinners are made out of bearing in the center of a design made from any of a variety of materials including brass, stainless steel, plastic, titanium, and copper. This is a toy that is used to help people who fidget a lot or some people who have trouble focusing. I interviewed two students at Bay View and asked them a couple questions. One of the student's name was George Vang and he said “I use the fidget spinner when I get really frustrated with my work because it helps me get my mind off of things for a little bit.” I also asked him a couple other questions and He said “I think people use them because they need to do something with their hands to help them concentrate and it's fun” then I asked him, why do you use it? He said “I use it because it helps me think and concentrate on work and because it's entertaining” then I asked him how much they cost and he said around $5-$15. The last question I asked George was, Does the fidget spinner help your learning experience at Bay View Middle School and why then he said, “Yes because like I said it helps me focus and concentrate on what we are learning and I have something to do with my hands”

I asked Austyn Zuelke why people use fidget spinners. He said “I would say it helps them focus and keeps them on track in class” then I asked him if he thinks it's a distraction and he said “no because it helps me focus” I also asked him how much they cost he said “$5-$-5 depending on how good you want it” then the final question that I asked him was, does this help your learning experience at Bay View Middle School. He said “Kinda because if you focus on your homework too hard you aren't going to understand how to do it and the fidget spinner helps you get your mind off of the homework for a little then you can come back to it.”

Meijer grand opening brings many new customers.

By Brendan Poshak

In Green Bay a little town Howard is opening up a new Meijer.The grand opening is Tuesday May, 18. This will open up a huge amount of customers to Meijer and taking away Walmart customers. “ Would you rather choose Walmart or Meijer of the store you would shop at,” the interview person said, “Meijer because better selection and quality,” Customer said. Michigan is where meijer is based, a retailer posted seven key jobs including store detective aims, team leaders.

This store in their opinion will make a big hit. There will be many job openings for our area and will take customers from other business and make a big hit of drawing them in.

This store has many features, it sells a range of items including footwear and apparel, health and beauty products, sports goods, office supplies, and electronics in addition to groceries. These products will draw in customers and will help Meijer business's growing.

Checking in on dunkin doughnuts

Dunkin doughnuts has been an attraction since the mid 1950’s. People have gone there for coffee, doughnuts, and breakfast choices. I interviewed an employee from our dunkin doughnuts that just moved into the Howard suamico area.

One question I asked him was “how has business been since you have arrived to this area.” He reponer with,” since we opened business has been fairly well especially from 7 to 11 o'clock everyday.” This surprised me because I thought that buisness could also be good during lunch for coffee and maybe a doughnut.

I also I asked a customer that was ordering food at dunkin doughnuts some questions about the new attraction. I asked “how often do you go to dunkin doughnuts” and his response was” I go here often in the mornings because it is a really easy process to get your food and to get coffee and it tastes great.

When I arrived to interview the employee I was surprised to see a big line. I went and sat in there lounging area to wait. It was no longer than five minutes and three to four people were already served.

Homework strikes Howard-Suamico School District

By Tyler Stauffacher

Teachers and students in the Howard-Suamico School District are

controversially impacted by homework. Homework impacts everyone. Teachers, teens, parents, kids, and adults. Homework is a controversial topic and has a variety of opinions. It has existed since the beginning of schooling in the US. In the past the majority has favored homework and disliked homework at different periods of time.

When Jackson Herson an 8th grade student at Bay View Middle School was interviewed about his opinions on homework Jackson stated that he works on homework about 2 hours on average each night and is given an average of a couple of pages a night. Jackson believes homework is stressful and doesn't benefit him. He made statements such as "When I tried to do sports it interfered with it”. This statement shows homework interferes with extracurricular activities. He also said, "Getting rid of homework would save me a lot of time at home to do things that I want to do”. This shows not having homework would be a timesaver and allow time for more admired activities.

When Brooke Hoffman a 7th and 8th grade teacher at Bay View Middle School was interviewed on her opinions on homework she reflected on her childhood experiences with homework. She mentions that she didn't mind homework as a child. She made statements such as, “When it became hours and hours I did not enjoy homework” and, "It took away from family time. Having too much homework would add unnecessary stress”. These quotes show her negative opinions on homework in her childhood. Hoffman made many positive remarks about homework and learning. She believes homework helps students review information. Homework maximizes ability to help students. Homework is effective in learning with short class times. When Brooke assigns homework in class she makes sure her homework is used as review or to prepare for an upcoming class. She also makes sure to never assign “busywork”. She believes homework should only be assigned if it will be used in a future class. She also thinks if time is spent poorly in class a student should do the missed work as homework. Hoffman states that she spends 4-10 hours a week outside of school working on assignments and lessons. She says managing time is important. She said more time is spent on lessons and activities than homework. Time to prepare homework varies. She mentions some negatives of homework. She says that there isn't the same amount of support at home than there is at school. As a result, there is a gap between students. She thinks that the students learn a lot in extracurricular and free activities. Finding the right balance is very important.

An article on homework by the Encyclopedia of Education states "When the twentieth century began, the mind was viewed as a muscle that could be strengthened through mental exercise... The late 1960s witnessed yet another reversal. Educators and parents became concerned that homework was crowding out social experience, outdoor recreation, and creative activities.” This quote shows that homework had been favored and not favored throughout the years. It had flipped between the two opinions ever since the twentieth century and still does this today.

There is no homework in Finland. Finland's high school graduation rate is 93% compared to an American 75%. Finland's standardized tests are also kept to a low minimum and their average test scores are higher than most countries. In a debate held on voters were asked if Homework was necessary and had to vote "Yes" or "No". The results show that 74% believed Homework wasn't necessary and 26% believed Homework was necessary.

Julie’s Cafe, what some say is the best family friendly diner in Howard!

By, Jeremy Thompson

Julie’s Cafe is a great diner for people of all ages and interests. With three locations, one being more enticing. 2130 Velp Avenue, has many things to offer. With a few arcade games, an outside area to eat, and colorful peacocks right outside the window!

You can sit down and gaze out the window at the beautiful pond outside. The staff will wait to you, and you can select from a wide variety of excellent dishes they have. The cooks are flexible with whatever you so choose to indulge yourself in.

The family that runs the place were descendants of the founder. According to a few customers, the original owner was caught hiring illegal citizens and supporting them. He is currently now in jail. But his wife, Julie, ran the place for a decent amount of time until she lost her battle with breast cancer.

Her children now run the place, and keep it spotless. The food is always prepared to the best it can be, and you can guarantee you won't have any problems with cleanliness. The staff does a good job at what they do, a few even work their hardest to make sure your experience there is absolutely amazing.

Some customers said that they favored the family atmosphere of the place. Others even liked the attractive birds that entertain outside the window. Sundays, after church, is a great time to go eat. Breakfast is served in the mornings.

Bay Port Track Team Preparing for a Great Season.

By: Haylea Van De Yacht

Bay Port High School, located in Howard-Suamico, is getting ready to kick off their season. Track and field is starting soon and the athletes need to start to prepare for the upcoming season. Bay Port is known for a great group of track stars and have a lot of new students and freshman join each year.

The athletes and coaches are ready to go to State with a great group of talented athletes, including Trevor Winkel, a sprinter. This year he is planning on running the 100 and 200 meter dash in the upcoming meets. He has been training and lifting weights every week to gain more strength and to keep growing in power. We asked him if he was excited or nervous for the season and he said, "Yes, I've been practicing in order to do my best at my events, I'm excited and ready to win!”

The coaches are working hard to get all the events and meets coordinated for the season. “Coaching high school track is very diverse and challenging since there are 14 events and four relays. We do expect that the athletes do become more independent after following the lead of their coaches and upperclassmen in their events,” says Coach Murphy. The coaches at Bay Port have a great group of athletes. Several extremely talented hard working girls are on the team. A few of the team leaders are Savannah Hunan, Maddie Biebel, Maddie Re, Taylor Arbour, Bailey Cisar, Olivia Mary, and Libby Breider.

Bay Port hosts, as well attends, a fair amount of meets throughout the season. “We participate in about 15 meets each season. A few of the big meets we attend are: UW Oshkosh, UW Stevens Point, Germantown, Neenah, Marinette, De Pere, and UW LaCrosse. We host our own big meet which is the DeMerit Bay Port Pirate Invitational. We host three indoor meets and four outdoor meets throughout the season as well.”

Trevor, along with other track athletes, are excited for the season. Each student hopes to place in their chosen events and hopes to make it to State. The coaches are excited to show off their amazing athletes and the talent that the Bay Port Track Team possesses.

The Benefits Of Organic Gardening

By George Vang

Ong and Mrs.Wojcik were talking about organic vs chemical food and if they are bad or not. This is in the local place of Green Bay Wisconsin. This was done on the time span of April 14 to April 19, because we want to learn if it is bad to eat chemical made food or organic food. One thing is that if you are on a farm and you feed your live stocks chemical grown food they have a higher chance of getting a disease from it. “It depends on the type of vegetable. Things like are microgreens are fully grown within 10 days, and they require daily monitoring and checking. But things like our tomatoes don't require us to check them until they are bearing fruit, and even then, they are only picked every other day.”

Mrs. Wojcik and Ong both talked about organic and chemical food on how if it was better to eat organic or chemical processed food. When they were talking about it they both had some agreements and disagreements about both the organic and chemical food. “I prefer organic food over conventionally grown food. I like that the food I eat isn't grown with a bunch of chemicals like pesticides.”

They say that organic is more beneficial for us and sometimes chemical can be used for certain food. They also say organic is better but it cost more and the price is worth it. Organic food has different taste to conventional food for example “with most foods, there isn't a taste difference. The only times there is really a taste difference that I notice is with celery, strawberries, and watermelon. The conventional versions of those foods are very water-logged so they don't have a high flavor. But, the organically grown ones do not take up as much water and aren't over-watered, so they tend to be a lot more flavorful.”

Opening of the Howard-Suamico Farmers Market

By Leslie Vega

Get your walking shoes ready for the new upcoming opening of the new Farmers Market here in Howard Suamico opening on June 13th.

People are very excited for it and they are trying to get as much promotion in as possible. There is going to be entertainment, food, fresh vegetables and fruit stands everywhere. A source from the village of Howard that is helping coordinate this event is saying that they decided to do it this year and in June because this year the weather has been the best it's ever been. People think that it's going to be nice not having to drive all the way to Green Bay to go to the Farmers Market instead now the people that live here in Howard don't have to drive so far to go get fresh fruits and vegetables that they want.

The process of the Farmers Market is an on-going process. They are trying to find vendors and food trucks to get the food everywhere it needs to go. To advertise these types of events they put ads in newspapers and on radios so that people can be aware.

An administrator from the village of Howard that is helping to organize the event explained the process to me. She said “The preparation for the market is an on-going process. I am currently working diligently to find vendors, food trucks, entertainment and non-profit organizations to participate in the market this year. So far, response has been pretty positive. The market has changed quite a bit this year from last. Last year, it was quite exclusive, only organic/green/natural/handmade products were invited to participate. That was a cool concept, but it seemed cater to only a small percentage of the community's needs. This year, we've opened the market up to be inclusive of all local and area businesses, as well as committing to make it family friendly. Expect to see lots of children's entertainment and educational opportunities each week. I am also trying to have a "big band" play the second Tuesday of each month. Right now, The Lunar Ruse (an area band) committed to play in July. Cross your fingers that the other bands I've reached out to will commit as well!” So we hope you consider stopping by at the Howard Suamico Farmers Market on June 13th.

The New Zoo EggStravaganZoo event blows recent years out of water

By: Hailey Winkel

Photo Credit: Flickr

The New Zoo Scavenger Hunt was taken to the next level Easter weekend as they raised the bar for family-friendly entertainment.

The New Zoo has done this event for many years now. They want to provide an activity where families can come and have fun together celebrating Easter together. A scavenger hunt was hosted with the hopes of a good turnout. “We always hope to have as many people here as possible – and that everyone who does come as a great time. We strive to create a family-friendly, fun event each spring!” Education & Volunteer Programs Coordinator Angela Kawski-Kroening said.

When arriving at this event, each individual received a small index card with lots of boxes on it. They were able to find different stations with treats and fun activities; from there, they would get their box stamped and move on. At the end of the event, anyone with a fully stamped card would get a prize as they were walking out of the Zoo. You could, also, receive a prize if you wore a spring, or Easter, themed hat. There were different hats of all kinds!

At the Adventure Park section of the Zoo, they had an event Zip to the Zoo Egg Drop on the adventure park, where zip liners could try to drop an egg into a large basket to win a free zipline ride. They had about four or five people that were able to go multiple times for free. “The idea behind the event, in both portions of the park, is to provide a whole-family experience; we planned to have activities for every type of person (young and old, timid and super adventurous, etc.). The overall outcome that we hoped for was that we could give people a really awesome experience, and I think we did just that.” Adventure Park Instructor Morgan Mahan said.

In the near future, the New Zoo is hosting other fun events. The Earth Day event (details not confirmed yet), along with the Party for the Planet event that will take place on Saturday, April 29th from 9am to 2pm. Finally, the Sweet Safari for Education event will take place on Friday, 12th from 5pm to 8pm.

Uncle Mike’s Bakery, the best bakery in town!

By: Logan Woosencraft

Uncle mike's bakery is a bakery and deli on lineville road. It is a great addition to the community because it's the only stand alone bakery in the area. They sell a ton of different products from sweets to meats.

The best part about it is that it is the only stand alone in the area. “ it adds jobs and something special to the community that most places don't have” Said Bobbi Jo Woosencraft. “All of their products have a twist that only uncle mike's has said” Bill Woosencraft. The bakery has great food and is very hospitable. They have won multiple awards for their sweets, the most well known is definitely their sea salt Caramel Kringle.

“Some people think that other national chains like dunk’n’doughnuts are better, but there is something about it being a local business that will always make it better, plus their products are much tastier” said Bobbi Jo Woosencraft. When people go there people saythe employees are nice and hospitable.

There’s an Uprise of Gaming Popularity.

By Eric Yang

The curiosity of people who has played video games and knowing its popularity around Bay View Middle school in 2016-2017.

There are many people who has played video games and others are curious to know their reasoning of why the play video games in the first place. There are many reasons why people play videogames not only to have fun. The people that were interviewed are at Bay View Middle school with one teacher and one student.

While interviewing Mr. Berendes about games he said, “In moderation there is nothing wrong with video games. Some can be educational or help kids be creative.” What he means in moderation is that you don’t play too much video games. What he meant in his statement was that it was one way to increase their 21st century skills. As a child the reason why he got into video games was because he had been influenced by his brother and did it for social gain.

While interviewing George Vang about video games he said. “now these days a lot of people don't play game boards and everything is all about electronics and all digital.” The student George likes to play video games with his statement “when I play games I lose all the stress I have and I just calm down I like to play games because it kills time when I am bored and I have nothing else to do.” But there is one thing that George agrees with teacher is that playing too much video games is a bad thing.

There are a lot of reasons why people play video games in the first. Overall video games can have a lot of good results as long as you don’t play too much.

Thornberry Creek is going to blow up with popularity this year

By: Austyn Zuelke

Summer 2017, Thornberry Creek will be a blast. This course will be better and more fun to go to.

Thornberry Creek at Oneida has weddings, food, outings, and of course golf. Their pricing is really good for a cart and a round of golf. They always have a summer class that's called Thornberry Creek junior program. This really brings boys and girls to this course.

People say this course is very fun. Their nine hole course isn't the best but Thornberry Creek fans like it. The eighteen hole course is one of the best courses in Green Bay. Hole eighteen is tricky, there is a big hill that you have to hit up onto. The course goes through houses and woods. It has really good scenery. The Thornberry workers keep this course up to date. But their greens never stay the same speed. They usually change when it rain or if it does not get enough water.

This year, Thornberry Creek will be hosting a LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) classic. I can't believe they got nominated for this amazing league. I personally think they have the greatest course here in Green Bay. Matthew Martin golf coach at southwest high school said “LPGA ( will bring people out in large crowds to see both the course and the facility.” It will be a fun year at Thornberry. A lot of people think it's one of the best courses for the public. Thornberry will grow a lot this year.