Baker’s Morning Drop-Off Routines


Young Fives, Kindergarten & First Grade Drop-Off

  • Enter our driveway from the west, turning right off of Sycamore.

  • Drive to the back loop and begin preparing your child for drop-off

  • Shoes on, backpack and lunch ready

  • Say your good-byes

  • When you reach the space between the balloons/cones, your child should get out of the car - please encourage your child to quickly get out of the car when you are safely stopped.

  • At least two adults will be watching to ensure students are safely making it into the school

Please Note:

  • Please refrain from walking your child to the front door. The front door will be reserved for students riding the bus.

  • If you must walk your child to the door, please walk to the west entrance using the sidewalk and enter with the other students being dropped off.

  • You may not walk between buses. Please respect this guidance from our bus drivers.

  • Know that the sidewalk in front of the school will be very congested with students getting off the bus.

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Community Preschool Information

  • Preschoolers may begin arriving to preschool at 9:05 am (right after the last bus leaves the parking lot).

  • Parents using the drop-off lane:

    • Park nearby until buses have left the lot

    • Pull your car into the school drive following the red arrows on the diagram

    • Stop your car at the second entrance (where you currently pick up your student)

    • You will see balloons and a sign at the drop-off location for the first week of school

    • Please have your student unbuckled with backpack on and ready to go when they get to the exit spot

    • If your child needs assistance, please exit the car quickly to support them

    • There will be an aide or a teacher out to meet your student after they are out of the car

  • If you choose to walk your child up:

    • Wait until buses have left before beginning to form a line

    • Use the crosswalk if parking across the street

  • Preschool pickup

    • Four Year Old Extended Day will pick up at 3:20 pm

    • Three Year Old Half Day will pick up at 11:50 am

    • The pick-up process will remain the same


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If the doors are shut and there are no adults on the back entrance, you will need to park your car in the front lot, walk your child into school and sign them in.