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Upcoming Events and Information - Week of 15-19

Upcoming Drills

Each month we are required to practice emergency drills for the safety of our students and staff. The week of October 15 we will have two drills - Tuesday, October 16 we will have an evacuation drill, and Friday October 19, we will practice a Lock Out and Barricade drill. Please note that during an emergency drill, our office will not be answering phone calls. Each of these drills take about 30 minutes.

Evacuation Drill - we will begin at 8:45 AM. All students will be evacuated to the church parking lot. As students and staff make their way across the street, we will be blocking traffic going both ways on Topaz. We will move students as quickly as possible, but if you are trying to drive past the school, you will be stopped and not permitted to proceed until all students are safely in the parking lot.

Lock Out and Barricade - we will begin this drill at 9:00 AM. All students will be locked into the classroom and create a barricade in front of the doors to practice keeping an intruder out. Teachers will review with their students prior to Friday's drill. The drill stays in place until all students are accounted for. We anticipate that this drill will last about 30 minutes. You will not be able to check your student in or out of school during this drill.

Please take a moment to talk with your student about emergency drills. Our intent is to prepare everyone for an emergency with the best possible outcome. Thank you.

Big picture

Make up Picture Day - October 24

If you missed picture day plan to wear your big smiles on Wednesday October 24 for make up picture day!


Socktober is upon us! Help us all month long to collect socks and give to those in need.

Please drop off new socks any size to Room 4 or in the office! Spread the Goodness by donating! All socks will be given to the Union Gospel Mission.

Kids Can Drive

Grab a can out of the cupboard or an extra when you are at the store to help those in needs as we head into a season of Thanksgiving. You can help by donating canned and non-perishable food items in our front office in the collection box.

Last Day to donate is November 2nd.

Church Parking Lot Closure - October 22 - 26

Please note: the church parking lot will be closed for resurfacing the week of October 22-26. Please plan accordingly as this will create some parking and traffic issues during drop off and pick up times. Our school parking lot will remain closed to cars to allow for commercial day care and school buses to enter and exit the school lots. Please plan to arrive a little early if you want to park and walk your student onto the school grounds. Be mindful of neighbors driveways and please do not park too close to our crosswalks. Demonstrate patience and grace during this temporary inconvenience. Consider finding a spot on a neighboring street where your student can meet you to help with the traffic that is immediately in front of the school. PLEASE drive slowly, cautiously and without distractions so we can keep all students and staff safe. Thank you for your attention to this matter.