Local News Update

Archive war a division in March 1842 under Gen's Mexico army. Rafael Vasquez demanded surrender in San Antonio. Texans weren't prepared to surrender. Sam Houston had a emergency session on March 10. They were afraid that Mexicans would go to Austin so they went to Houston. The Austin citizens fearful the the President wanted Houston to be the capital. This formed a strong broad of residents that warned the heads of the department if they try to move state papers would met with armed resistance.
Houston sent Seventh Congress in session at Washington-on-the-Brazos. December 1842 sent rangers under Col. Eli Chandler was ordered to Austin to remove archives but don't resort to bloodshed. Since Austin was unprepared rangers loaded archives and drive away but Angelina Eberly Fired cannons at them . Mark B. Lewis vigilance committee took the wagons to Kenney's fort on Brushy Creek on January 1, 1843. A few shots were fired before rangers gave up the papers for the bloodshed. Archives went back to Austin and stayed unmolested until Austin became the capital again in 1844.