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The Portfolio provides a collection of student learning artifacts. Both audio recordings and constructed writing responses can be reviewed online or downloaded to share with students and parents.

Portfolio Activities

Teacher Awarded Booster Bits

Don’t forget to award Booster Bits for great work! After previewing artifacts, teachers can award student 20, 60, or 100 Booster Bits for a single assignment. Students will recieve the awarded Booster Bits the next time they see the Booster Bits reward screen during their session. Teacher awarded Booster Bits are silver.

Portfolio Overview Video

The Florida Litearcy Awards Winners are...

School Winners

1st Place: Middleton-Burney Elementary School of Putnam County School District

Prize: Florida Language & Literacy Cup trophy and a $250 gift card

2nd Place: Rhodes Elementary School of Santa Rosa County School District

3rd Place: Browning-Pearce Elementary of Putnam County School District

Prize: Florida Language & Literacy Cup commemorative certificate and $100 gift card

Class Winners

· The STROUD Students class of PARK LAKES ELEMENTARY, Broward County Schools

· The Brock Students class of Bayshore Elementary, Manatee County Schools

· The HERNANDEZ Students class of LINCOLN-MARTI CS LITTLE HAVANA, Miami-Dade County Public Schools

· The STAMEY Students class of Poinciana Elementary, Monroe County School District

· The Perez Classroom Teacher class of Northwest Elementary School, Northwest

· The Krishart Forest Lakes Elementary class of Forest Lakes Elementary School, Pinellas School District

· The Baltazar BPES 2nd ELL class of Browning-Pearce Elementary, Putnam County School District

· The Balcazar ESOL Tutoring class of Tuttle Elementary, Sarasota County Schools

· The Nunez ESOL NEWCOMERS 3rd-4th class of Lucille Moore Elementary School, BAY DISTRICT SCHOOLS

· The Torres-Insignares Students class of Sunrise Elementary, Volusia County Schools

Prize: $50 gift card for a pizza party

Congratulations to all the winners!

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