Extra! Extra! Read All About Us!

What's happening in Room 6?


We are growing readers!! Thank you for your continued support at home. Everyone met their December reading goal!!! We will celebrate by watching the Minion Movie with our first grade friends! We are going to have our celebration on Tuesday.

This past week, we reviewed choosing a just right book. Now that we are in January, it is important that your child continues to self-monitor his/her reading level. Some ways to self-check a reading level include:

  • Goldilocks test - Your child should be decoding about 2-3 words per page. The rest of the words should be automatic. This is a just right book. If a reader can read all of the words, it's too easy. If there are more than 3-5 words per page, it's too hard.
  • Comprehension is Key! Each time your child reads, they should be reading the book three times. The first time is a book walk - looking at the pictures, front cover, back cover, etc. The second time - reading the book. The third time - retelling the story.
  • Fluency - How do I sound when I read? Your child should aim to read in 2-4 word phrases instead of word by word.

I will be formally checking your child's reading level in February. :)


We are switching gears! Our writing piece for this marking period will be a nonfiction piece. We will be learning all about information texts. In order to write an informational piece, we will be doing lots of research. Our research will include learning how to organize information from different sources (videos, online articles, and books). We will be writing an animal fact book in the next few weeks. Once it is all finished, I will be sending it home so you can see all of your child's hard work!

We will also be focusing on our sentence structure. We will learn about pronouns, proper nouns, and special titles. When writing at home, please encourage your child to capitalize the beginning letter and include punctuation at the end. Thank you for your continued support at home!


We are currently in our fourth unit which focuses on Measurement. So far, we have discussed nonstandard and standard units of measurement. It is important that your child know how to measure accurately. We will practice measuring with inches and centimeters each day this week.

Along with measurement, I will be adding in counting money and solving story problems. We will be playing some new games this week to practice counting combinations of coins and exchanging money.

To help your child learn his/her math facts, I have started using Xtra math. I sent home a flyer last week explaining the program. My goal is that your child will practice at least once a week at school. I have set up times during morning work and at the end of the day for everyone to practice their math facts. You can log onto the website to view your child's progress. I also have other online math games available on my website.

Social Studies

We began this month with our second Social Studies unit - Important People and Places. We will discuss important family members, friends, and teachers and why we consider them important. To share our important places, we will make a class quilt! It will hang in the hallway so everyone can see our hard work! We will conclude our unit by reviewing your child's home address and phone number.