Mexican-American War

Learn about the Mexican-American War!


Hey you, yeah you, have you ever been to Texas? Have you ever wondered how it became a part of the U.S.A? If so or, if not, today you will learn why Texas is a part of the U.S.A! The War between Mexico and the U.S.A also known as the Mexican-American War was fought in 1846-1848. The war was fought because both the U.S.A and Mexico wanted the land now known as Texas. So enough talking and let’s get started!

Important facts!

The Mexican-American war ended 167 years ago. The war was located in Texas, New Mexico, California, Northern, Central and Eastern Mexico, Mexico City.

Mexico and America went to war because America wanted to have Texas's land as a part of their land, but Mexico threatened them that if they bought the land they would go to war.

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There were a total amount of 78,718 troops in the war! Soldiers built walls out of dirt and stone to keep the bullets from coming through. Families built wooden walls to protect thier home. The first bullet shot was on April 25, 1846.
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These are the only bullets found from the war!


In total there were 13,283 deaths.

I hoped you learned a lot about this event in time, I really enjoyed writing about it! Goodbye, Adios!