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The Wheel

Today in Mesopotamia we have found and inventor who has made the wheel his name is Mr.Bullet. He came up with the wheel because he noticed when he was trying to get all of his tools to his shack he was having a hard so he said I think I can make something that can help with this so he made the wheel and tried it and he put over 200 pounds of stuff on it which means that farmers can put over 200 pounds of vegetables or fruit so it can be easier for the people who pick the fruit to walk around with the wheel.The wheel was made with cedarwood.The wheel is able to be traded for 100 of anything and if you have coins it will be 50 coins and if it is silver you have to pay 25 shekels of it.If you walk to the shack today you can get a good deal off the wheel because it is 75% off.

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Weather Report

Today Monday August,2050 B.C in Mesopotamia we are having high levels of heat that is making the drought here will be an end to it this record breaking drought system that has been with us for thirty-two days straight now. Please be ready to go to higher land if you are by the two rivers or in the low flat lying areas.We are expecting anywhere from 20 inches of rain to 30 inches.

The two rivers will overflow there there bank and massive flooding is expected.Again please take necessary precautions to remain safe.Move all animals to higher ground and yourselves.If you are a farmer please bring some of your crops to grow so our town will not be starved and please keep safe. This is channel 7 news in 2050 B.C. more furious.Even though it still is the worst drought in the history of Mesopotamia
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Advertisement for the Wheel

To buy the most wonderful wheel in the world or the only wheel in the world.Cut here to get 20% of for the wheel.The price is 25 silver shekels ,100 things to trade, or fifty coins.
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