housing/ meal time/ food and drink.

Maria C. Stephani M. Domenic M.

housing (alloggiamento)

  • Large percentage own homes
  • People call apartments “casa” (house) instead of “ Appartamento”
  • Wealthy families own large houses called villas
  • People own more houses outside major urban centers.
  • most modern apartments have balconies.

food and drink (nutrimento)

  • They eat properly
  • breakfast is usually coffee for adults and warm milk for kids
  • dinner is usually pasta , fish or meat, and vegetables.

dating and marriage (relazione & matrimony)

  • Italians date in groups or couples

  • The young single people usually go to the pub or pizzeria on the weekends.
  • Going to movies or dancing are frequent dates
  • Older Italians disapprove of mixed race and mixed nationality couples.
  • Average age for marriage in woman is 27
  • Average age for marriage in man is 30
  • A married couple can only get divorced after three years of separation
  • In a wedding catholic traditions usual take place
  • The bride’s mother gives her a jewel as a wedding present

  • The groom pays for the wedding dress

meal time ( la ora di pasto)

  • When eating with guests , meals take up to one to four hours because they take their time.
  • Conversation during meals include: Soccer, Politics, Family matters, businesses, and local events
  • Traditionally families eat together.
  • some families pray before they eat.
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