april 17

What goes on in math lab: problem solving, independent practice, and needs-based activities.

Exciting; Under Construction: This summer the main office will be completely remodeled. Remodel will include a CONFERENCE ROOM (yeah!). We will have a summer office in the computer lab.

upcoming events

April 21 School Closed

April 22 Report Cards issued

April 24 PTA with 1st grade performance 6PM

April 28 SOL Setup in gym

May 7 MP4 Interim ends

May 12 Interims issued

May 9 Beginning of SOL testing window (May 9-June 3)

May 9 Grade 5 cap and gown pictures

May 12 SOL testing window begins

May 17 Wake and Up and Read 1030-1200 (volunteers needed; details forthcoming)

May 26 Schools and offices closed

June 3 2nd grade End of Year Celebration (2nd grade hall and outdoors)

June 5 Field Day (additional details forthcoming); Gamer Bus incentive 9am-12:00

June 10 5th grade graduation 9AM (auditorium)

June 12 K promotion ceremony 9AM (auditorium)

Building readers early

"The brain that does the work is the brain that learns"--Sharon Taberski

Please be mindful if you are requesting days off that it can be difficult to acquire subs in the spring, particularly on Fridays or Mondays. We really need all hands on deck to finish the year strong. Requests are being closely monitored by central office.