Overall Feedback of TumbleBooks site

I personally enjoyed tumblebooks a great deal, and will definitely show it to the family I nanny for since the children do love reading. I laughed aloud along with the books, and can imagine how much more a child would laugh. I think this site is a great way to help kids match words with sounds, which may help them understand the concept more then just reading it by themselves. I've noticed when a child reads they focus more on trying to figure out the words and lose focus on the concept of the story; I feel this site allows them to read along and enjoy the story line. I would say one of the biggest strengths of this site is the aspect of following along with the audio, and how the sentence is highlighted that is being red. I would say the disadvantage is that it isn't free. Some limitations are that not all the sites are available with tumblebooks. I can see myself using tumblebooks in my classroom to get children more excited about reading. Children especially love books because it's so new to them, the stories, the words, the pictures, and seeing how this helps them follow along and match words with sounds i believe will elevate their reading levels.

Some of the books I read

iPad Apps: TumbleBooks iOS 6 (Edgerton School District)