One of the worst disasters. By Ella Leathersich

How do floods happen?

Floods can happen any time. Most of the time,they happen when the river water over fills it's bank. Floods are very dangerous! They can ruin many things. Many houses get destroyed. You can see many strange and different things floating around in the dirty flood water. Animals can be killed in flood water.

Mississippi River Floods

The Mississippi flood was one of the worst floods in history. It was one of the greatest floods. It started in the summer of 1926. Heavy rains fell. The rain lasted till the spring of 1927. It filled rivers till they flooded over. The water from the rivers and flood, went across 99,000 acres. That's seven states flooded. Then in June, a second major flood happen. It was one of the worst floods in Mississippi.

Louisiana Floods

The Louisiana Flood

The Louisiana river flood was a bad, dangerous flood. 50 rivers, streams, and bayous left a great flooding risk. Since there were 50 bodies of water, the flood could over fill the bodies of water and destroy a lot. When the flood happened, the floods damages costed a lot of money to get fixed. Floods are recurrent risks.

Get ready for a flood

Floods can happen at any time. So people should be prepared in case one does happen. Have an emergency kit ready when a flood does happen. Make sure to put necessary items in your kit. Put stuff like food and clean water in your emergency kit.