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What did we do this week?

WOW! What amazing learners I have. This week has already been super busy and we really started jumping into our curriculum. Like I've already told you, I am in love with these 4th graders fun and witty personalities :)

  • To kick start math, we began reviewing/learning place value. We also wrote numbers in standard, expanded, and written form. I am so impressed with them using their prior knowledge to do this and they did an AMAZING job!
  • In writing, we took our FIRST official writing "assessment." This was with no instruction and no really set guidelines. They just had to use what they know and have learned in previous grades to respond to a prompt. I'm excited to see where we are at and where we need to go with their writing.
  • We have been going over nouns and what makes something a common vs. proper noun- lots of fun activities to understand this concept
  • In social studies, we have been researching the regions of Texas and different qualities that are unique to each region!

Again, I am so impressed with their hard work this week and have had such fun watching them learn! Also, big thanks to everyone who rolled out to curriculum night! It means a lot that you support me and are committed to your child's education.

A peek into next week

  • Spelling: Words for next week (we will take a pre-test on Tuesday (normally do this on Monday) which will determine what list they will practice for the week.) If the learner has already mastered this list, they will move to a more challenging list. If the learner struggles with this list, they will be given a list that fits their needs for that week. If the list is just the right fit, they will stay with it and test over it again on Friday. More questions over this- feel free to email me!

admire, magnet, contest,method, custom, rally, soccer, engine, sudden, finger, accident, mitten, intend, fabric, flatten, rascal, gutter, mammal, happen, cannon

  • Reading/Language Arts: Activating prior knowledge
  • Social Studies/Science: Finishing up regions in Texas-beginning science
  • Math: continuing place value, comparing and ordering numbers, rounding numbers

Important Dates:

  1. Monday Sept. 7th: Labor Day NO SCHOOL
  2. Wednesday Sept 9th: ipad rollout (your child will be receiving their ipad)
  3. Wednesday Sept 9th: College shirt day

Snapshots from our week


7:50-8:30: Morning announcements, morning activities

8:30-9:45: Math

9:45-9:55: Spelling

9:55-10:50: Specials

10:50-12:30: Language arts- reading, writing, and grammar

12:30-1:30: Lunch/recess

1:30-2:00: Read aloud/independent reading

2:00-2:50: Social Studies/ Science

2:50-3:05: Pack up/ dismissal



T- Art


TH- Music

F- All to gym

Library: Mondays- 9:15-9:45