Inglewood Primary School

NEWSLETTER No 35 - 22 November 2018

Our Mission:

Learning to think, to do, to be

Ako ki te whakaaro, ako ki te mahi, ako kia ora ai te mauri

Our Vision: To provide a teaching and learning environment where of those involved: demonstrate respect, expect the best, achieve through opportunity, communicate actively & feel good and safe

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What a fabulous week we have had

We held our fortnightly assembly on Monday and incorporated a Whakatau for our new students and families into Inglewood Primary since week 2 T4. Out fabulous Moa iti students were the hosts and made us very proud indeed.

Congratulations to all recipients of Student of the Week and also REACH Certificates.

We are looking forward to our 100 and over club celebration Wednesday 12 December.

Achieving Expectations

We have held our Athletics day today which was interrupted by the weather on Wednesday. I was stationed on the High Jump and there I was very impressed with the positive self talk of the Athletes (mostly). As each student cam to have their time to jump, I could hear them telling themselves, they could do it, I could hear their peers cheering them on and if they failed in their attempts, most of the students, said I can learn from that and do better. We as a team at Inglewood Primary can are really humbled by these students as they strive to meet their own expectations of performance.

As a school, like all organisations we set our expectations and work towards ensuring we meet them through Insistent, Persistent and Consistent behaviour.

Some of our expectations are;

No hat, no play (play in the shade) - this expectation is not because we are mean or unfair, this expectation is because it is sensible to have a hat on while outside as we know the effects of being in the sun without protection, can lead to melanoma which can result in death.

We have the expectation that we do not wear hats inside, not because we are mean or unfair, but because there is NO chance of getting Melanoma while inside and therefore we do not require a hat.

We have an expectations that once students arrive at school, they will stay at school until it is home time. Again this is not because we are mean or unfair - this is because you as parents end your child to school, expecting them to remain at school, where the adults do everything they can to keep your child safe. We border two streams, one of which can be in flood quite quickly, We also hope we have identified most hazards within our property, however we do not monitor the hazards outside of our school property, hence the importance of all students staying within the school boundary from the time they get here until the agreed time of departure.

We have an expectation that all students, staff and families will work within the School REACH Values as that is the partnership and understanding on enrollment to Inglewood Primary. We have our REACH values in concrete at the gate and they are entrenched in our Learning to Think, to Do, to Be. As we chose to be educators here at Inglewood Primary School and as such we try to follow this thinking;

If a child does not know how to read - we teach,

If a child does not know how to do Math, we teach,

If a child does not know how to swim, we teach

If a child does not know how to behave (in some schools they punish), at Inglewood Primary School we teach.

With that said though, as you know we do monitor patterns of behaviour through our Minor and Major data system. When your child has repeated behaviours we do track this and then they become a target child for behaviour improvement.

Most of our students respond to being taught ways to improve behaviour quite quickly if needed, some take a little longer and a very small number require us to gain assistance from parents, wider family and or outside agencies.

We really do appreciate the partnership with parents and wider family member to assist us developing success for their children.

We do have an expectation we can come IPS and gain satisfaction in our chosen craft as teachers and educators each and every day with a sense of fulfilment and joy, not frustration and sadness.


Week 6-10 - Yes you can, achieve your goals.

Students of the Week

Bell Building Y7 & 8

Jayden Sands

Striving to meet new challenges head on, with positivity and resilience. Ka rawe Jayden!

Our school roll is currently 340.

Happy Birthday

to Louis Trim and Sienna Dobson who are celebrating their birthday's this week.

Simon Sinek on Millennials in the workplace - this is a worthwhile watch

School Production Videos

A copy of the School Production is now available to be purchased from the school office for $10. If you wish to purchase a video of either the Rata Cast or Kowhai Cast production, please bring a USB 16gb drive in an envelope with $10 and which cast you would like.

Year 8 Dinner Dance

Our Year 8 Graduation Dinner Dance is coming up on Friday 7 December. Can parents of Year 8 students please return your RSVP slips if you haven't already.


Size 14-16 dress pants and shirts for our boys to borrow

White flowers to be ready for the 6th of December.

Fern and other flower arrangement greenery to be ready by 6th of December.

Please let Kelly Edwards know if you are able to help:

Sports Information

Weetbix TRYathlon New Plymouth Tuesday 26 March 2019. Please register online at and nominate Inglewood Primary School. Any queries, please see the school office.


Trophies: Please return all End of Year Trophies back to the office as soon as possible.

School Accounts - We appreciate the families who continue to make regular payments on your account. Please ensure all accounts are brought up to date by the end of term.

Absentee Line: When leaving a message it is important for our attendance records that you please leave a reason why your child is away eg; sick, appointment, holiday etc.

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ParentLink - The Night Market Before Christmas

We would love our school families to help contribute to supper for the night market.

Intermediates Team families to bring savouries.

Senior Team families to bring sweet - eg slice and cake.

Middle and Junior Team families to bring sandwich fillings; eggs, sliced ham, beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, etc

Please ensure your donations are in to your respective teams Friday morning - thank you.

Christmas Raffle

Our Christmas Raffle is coming up? Once again there will be a school-wide contest to see which class can bring in the most items. These must be consumable to be counted, nothing expired, no dented tins and nothing opened.

So for the 2nd week, here is the plan; For everyone to bring a bottle of goodness to put in our world famous hamper treat!

Term 4 Calendar (This may change on a weekly basis)

Wednesday 28 November: Town v Country Athletics Day - No PPD day if wet

Friday 30 November: Panatahi Big Day Out

Tuesday 4 December: Senior Team Big Day Out

Thursday 6 December: Pita Pit Lunch Orders due at the office by 11am.

Friday 7 December: Year 8 Dinner Dance Celebration

Wednesday 12 December: REACH 100's Club Celebration Afternoon

Thursday 13 December: Intermediate Big Day Out

Monday 17 December Junior Final Assembly Year 1 - 4 students - 5:30 - 6:30

Tuesday 18 December Service Assembly 2 - 3pm

Tuesday 18 December Thank you afternoon Tea 3:30 - 4:00

Tuesday 18 December Senior Prize Giving Year 5 - 8 Students - 5:30 - 7pm

Wednesday 19 December: Last day of Term 4 - School closes 1200 midday

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Community News

Florist: Please support our local new florist at 121 Rata Street, Inglewood - The Love Bunch Florist. Stephanie Valentine has an amazing range of flowers for bouquets, arrangements, weddings and funerals. Phone 0272879780 or email

Inglewood Food Bank Drive will be held Monday 3 December from 5.30pm. Please listen out for the Christmas music coming around the streets of Inglewood and give generously. Thank you

Parent Help

Parent Help is a non profit organisation supporting parents to build resilient and positive families/whānau. We run a freeconfidential parenting Helpline for parents and caregivers. The Helpline is available from 9am – 9pm, 7 days a week providing advice, support and practical strategies on any parenting challenge.

IPS Clothing

Please click on the link to order directly from our school website or pop into the school office.