My Self-Esteem

I have a high self-esteem. I enjoy being open and being who I am. I tend to be defensive and protective of my loved ones. I am not afraid to stand up for what I think is right. I find it difficult to find people who i trust, but once my trust is gained, I can depend on you for anything. I am proud of what I look like. Many people, in my opinion, are too self-aware. God made you the way you are for a purpose, so stand with that purpose and live a beautiful life. I am very confident about almost anything I do. I am confident is school, with my friends and family, in difficult decisions or problems, and my physical and mental image. I feel that I am and will continue to be successful in my full and happy life. I do feel devastated if someone rejects me as a friend because I try to do is make their day better, but I can recover easily as long as I have my friends and family. I believe I can do anything with my life as long as I try my best and be myself.

Effects of Low Self-Esteem

The effects of low self-esteem include:

  • Depression
  • Discouragement
  • Fear and Anxiety
  • Hypersensitive
  • Mixed Emotions
  • Self-Esteem Attacks (similar to panic attacks)
  • Emotionally Shutdown
  • Shyness
  • Faulty Self Image
  • Unable to Trust Someone
  • Irrational and Distort Self-Statements
  • Lack of Self-Confidence
  • OCD
  • Over Critical of Self and Others
  • Mental Health Problems
  • Problems with Friendships and Relationships
  • Poor Academic and Job Performance
  • Increase Vulnerability to Drug and Alcohol Abuse
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How to Maintain Good Self-Esteem

  • Be Appreciative
  • Challenge Your Inner Critic
  • Know Who You are and What You Want
  • Do Your Best
  • Enjoy Positive Relationships; Eliminate Negative Relationships
  • Be Yourself
  • Think Positive
  • Try to Eliminate Negative Subjects in Your Life
  • Find Trust