Derek Murphy

Physical Properties

Atomic Mass: 87.62

Atomic Radius in picometers (pm): 200 pm

Density: 2.630 g/cc

Melting Point: 1050 K

Boiling Point: 1655 K

At room temperature (22°C), this element is a: © Solid £ Liquid £ Gas £ Unknown

Appearance: Metallic shards

Conductivity: 7.7x106 S/m

Malleability: Very malleable

Hardness: 1.5MPa

Other physical properties: N/A

Chemical Properties

Flammability: Highly flammable when in contact with water and oxygen

Reactivity: Extreme reactivity with oxygen and water

Atom Structure

Atomic Number: 38

Mass Number: 88

Protons: 38

Neutrons: 50

Electrons: 38

History and Discovery


It was discovered 1787.


It was discovered in Strontian, Scotland.


It was discovered by William Cruickshank.


It was discovered in a lead mine.

Applications and Uses

Common Uses: It is used in glow in the dark paints and plastics.

Specific Isotopes: Strontium-90 is used in nuclear reactors and fallout.

Compounds: N/A

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