PHS Girl's Field Hockey 2/10/2021

Mid-week updates and training info

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Hello everyone,

There has been an update from CIF. Please see here-

'specific language regarding cohorting and multi-team participation is not a mandate, but a recommendation. Therefore, effective immediately, the CIF is reinstating its waiver of Bylaws 600-605.'

With players being allowed to participate in more than one sport/cohort at a time, I may consider holding our formal tryouts and forming our teams soon. I will send an update as I find out more information. I just want everyone to know that I am working on moving forward with the season and hopeful to play games.

Please do not forget to bring your ticket to play, if you have not received your ticket please do so. Every player will need to provide proof of a physical to the Athletics's office and bring a ticket to play to me. See attachment below.

As of right now the Field Hockey official dates are Feb 1- March 20th with the elimination of CIF San Diego Section Championships and CIF Sate/Regional Championships.

Please click on and read all attachments and links below. I need everyone to be aware of the guidelines and to follow the Covid protocols set in place by the CDPH, PUSD and PHS. All players must bring the items listed below for equipment/gear, no exceptions. There can be no sharing of personal equipment and water.

thank you all for your support and understanding,

Coach Kim Draskovich


Schedule: Upcoming 2 weeks-

Please have your players arrive 15 minutes early for check in temperature checks and field set up. Practice will end at 8pm be prepared to pick up your player at approximately 8:10-8:15pm. In order for the team to have time to break down the field and put the equipment away. I will do my best to get them out as close to 8pm as possible but many times the girls ask to continue and want to end practice on a good note or take a little longer for break down.

Training will be Mon-Fri 6-8pm in the stadium. Unless otherwise denoted and always subject to change based on weather or emergencies.

  • Wednesday, February 10th: 6-8pm
  • Thursday, February 11th: 6-8pm
  • Friday, February 12th: 6-8pm
  • Monday, February 15th: Non-school day- no practice
  • Tuesday, February 16th: 6-8pm
  • Wednesday, February 17th: 6-8pm
  • Thursday, February 18th: 6-8pm
  • Friday, February 19th: Non-school day- no practice

What players should bring equipment/gear:

  • Face mask
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Plenty of water-64 ounces- water fountains are not available
  • Work out attire- shirt and shorts or leggings
  • Cleats
  • Running shoes/athletic sneakers
  • Field hockey shin guards
  • Mouth guard
  • Goggles
  • Field Hockey stick
  • Optional- jacket or sweater will get cold at night.

Drop-off & Pick-up procedure

Please see the map and legend for drop-off & pick-up procedure. Come 15 minutes early. All players must be escorted down to the field by coaches from the front of the school. All players will have their temperatures taken. Anyone with a temperature of 99.9 F or above will not be allowed to participate. Please do not run up to greet us, this will unnecessarily raise your body temp.

  • Coaches will be in the front of the school to greet players, denoted in yellow.
  • For players who drive, park in the JR lot and walk on the sidewalk along Espola Rd. to meet coaches in front of the school, denoted in purple.
  • Once everyone has checked in, coaches will escort the players down to the stadium field, denoted in green.
  • After training concludes players will exit to the parking lot through the gate near the front office.

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