Hydroelectric Turbines

By: Drew, Zean, Jimmy, and Sreeja

What is a Hydroelectric Turbine?

A hydroelectric turbine is a motor which spins water. It saves energy by using the power that the turbine created, and takes it into the generator which produces electricity.

Zean- A: The facts and plan

What is going to be changed?

The hydro turbine is going to be implanted under the school grounds, so nothing will be changed.

Our plan

The water will go into a hydraulic ram which will push it into a turbine. The energy of the turbine will go into a generator. The turbine will push the water into a second hydraulic ram, and it will go into a cycle.


  • It uses hydroelectric energy

  • The water in the turbine produces kinetic energy, which turns into mechanical energy.

  • The average volume of water and the height determine the amount of energy produced.

  • Hydro energy can be used to produce energy on a very large scale with less kilowatts.

  • It uses the natural flow of water to give mechanical energy to give to the turbine for it to produce electric energy.

  • There are two types of hydroelectric turbines- impulse and reaction. You choose the type of turbine based off of its characteristics.

Jimmy- B: Who we need to hire

Who we need to hire

  • Hydroelectric Plant Technician to make sure that nothing stops the water flowing,open and close the water gait
  • Electrical engineer to figure out how much energy we need
  • Construction workers to build the water ram and the turbines

Drew- C: The Cost

The cost

  • It costs about $0.85 for an electric turbine to generate 1kW

  • It will cost about $876,294 to produce 1,030,933kW.

  • It will cost $799 for 1 ram and 1,598 for 2.

  • It will cost $1818.18 for 20 tonnes of concrete.

  • The total for the materials should roughly be $879,710.18

Sreeja- D: Pros and Cons


  • Unlimited energy

  • Not much resources

  • No monthly fees


  • Might evaporate

  • Slow generation process

  • Expensive to buy the turbine

How will we get the funds?

The government will help and we will hold fundraisers with rewards to get students to participate.


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