By: Tristen Robertson

Demeters Family Tree

What realm does she preside over?

Grain and the Harvest

Goddess of grain and the harvest. This was very important to the Greeks because agriculture was a popular job and important to society.

Life and Death

She is the goddess of fertility and the cycle of life and death


What does this mean?

This is the Greek origin story of the six months of spring and summer when Persephone walks the earth with her mother and the 6 months of fall and winter when Persephone must return to the underworld


Kind & Gentle

She was seen as one of the more nice and helpful gods and because of this was even seen as a weak goddess


She repaid people well for even the smallest favors and was a very helpful and giving god

Motherly and Caring

She bares, raises and nurtures both children and families and because of this she was seen a motherly goddess who was involved with families and family values

What actor would portray Demeter?

Natalie Dormer


Long golden hair, A crown made of corn ears, one hand having a bundle of corn and the other a scythe, wearing a stola (traditional dress for roman women) made of golden silk