Central Academy of Technology

A Modern STEM School for a Modern World.

The world is developing quickly and competition for valuable jobs in the STEM industry will tighten up in the years to come. The only way to give students a leg up in the jobs market is to give them an early boost by sending them to a STEM charter school.

Our School Mascot

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Our Mission Statement

We will prepare our students of a developing modern world of technology by educating our students in the most up to date math, science, logic, and engineering.

School Spirit

Our school colors ( Dark Blue and Light Yellow) and our mascot ( a fox), together represent a combination of intellect, intelligence, knowledge, and problem solving.
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Preparing for the Future!

About the Academy

Our school embraces a progressive year-round schedule while sticking with the traditional 6 class per year/six classes per day mode to create the best combination of both.
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Where we are

We are located in central Massachusetts and focus on preparing Massachusetts native students to vie for acceptance into the local Technology Colleges.