The big break

In 1983 Vince McMahon and his company "Titanium Sport" took control of the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) from his father vince mcmahon sr. . McMahon has already established wrestling culture in North American wrestling performances by raising more entertainment and less sports. Competition between wrestlers were no longer sporting events in which more talented wrestlers but scripted events in order to cause an increased interest among the audience.

The young McMahon began being expanded for the wrestling league and thus began an oppressor of his competitors in the markets. He also sold the broadcast rights to TV networks and distribution rights for video tapes of organized wrestling events. He went further and used the money gained from these sales to buy talent from his competitors. Thus breaking the status quo among the various wrestling associations.

Following these steps the other organizations declared war on the WWF. Father Vincent McMahon warned his son and feared for his life, but instead of listening to these warnings, he increased his actions : WWF began to host touring on various countries in America. The initiative was designed in such a large capital required, which led to the brink of economic collapse of the WWF.

WWF did not have much success until Vince McMahon Jr. came up with "Wrestlemania". WrestleMania was a big wrestling event that combined the scripted battles the championship title and rock music performances and entertainment featuring celebrities (most recognizable celebrities these events are Mr. T and singer Cyndi Lauper). The combination of rock wrestling has proved to be a great success and soon broadcast rights price of "Wrestlemania" skyrocketed.

Following the success they started to organize similiar events, but kept the event Wrestlemania the biggest wrestling event, when this event took place in the biggest battles for the championship titles between "enemies" .

Success only increased and as a result of these events were broadcast as part of pay-Per-View system. The big star of the events of WrestleMania mid-80s and early '90s was the wrestler Hulk Hogan.

From WWF to WWE

in 2001,Following the lawsuit of the World Wide Fund for Nature, also known as WWF World Wrestling Federation changed its name to World Wrestling Entertainment, or WWE for short. Legal loss Wrestling Federation was due to breach its contract with the Foundation for the use of the name WWF UK alone. As soon as the federation began to be an international company, it violated the agreement and the parties applied the Court, which decided in favor of the fund.

Without WCW as competitors, the WWE decided to split into two wrestlers faculty brands: Raw and smackdown. Each program has its own director, staff and uniquely different champions and championships.

For example, SmackDown has the World Heavyweight Championship,and Raw has the WWE Championship. Occasionally mix the roster again to create variety and interest in the battles. The change increased the success and raised the ratings of both programs. in 2012 Both roster have been mixed so all championships belong to both rosters.

WWE network

On January 8, 2014, it was announced a new product called "WWE Network" starting his way on February 24, 2014 in the United States, and the rest of the world at the end of 2014 or early 2015. The station will broadcast the product will be different WWE content, and their old content will broadcast from 1985 to today, full episodes of WWE's programs, WCW programs, ECW programs, and all the events of World Class Championship Wrestling pay-per view that were aired those years. Content will not be censored and complete and will include content defined as TV-14 and TV-MA, and the organization's development league, WWE NXT. In addition, the new programs will broadcast WWE, such as "Wrestlemania Rewind" will feature memorable moments on WrestleMania, "The Monday Night War" will deal with competition in the ratings between WWE and WCW during those years . On August 15, 2014 WWE organization changed its logo to the logo of the WWE Network. WWE Network available in 170 different countries including Israel from August 12, 2014 and October 1 2014 determined that the WWE Network will not be available in the UK yet, the date of issue of the product in the UK was delayed to November 1, 2014. On November 1, WWE Network wasn't released in the UK, so their audience was not satisfied. Photographed events in the UK, WWE Network fabric surrounding the arena, was be replaced with WWE Live logo. On January 4, 2015 WWE announced that the WWE network will be released on UK and Ireland together on Monday January 19, 2015.

There are now more than 500,000 subscribers to WWE Network.

WWE Then Now Forever 2014 Intro (New Logo)