Noah Capaul

Weather and latitude and longitude

The the summer and winter weather there is 83 degree F and 27 degrees F. Latitude is 38.0 and longitude is -97.0.

Major Industries

Pharmaceuticals are major here in Galena.

Things to do

Hot air balloon rides, an Irish pub and grill, Eagle Ridge and Spa, Chestnut Mountain Resort, and Vinny Vanucchis Little Italy. Located to the right is a picture of the hot air balloons that you can take a ride on and soar over Galena. If you are feeling adventurous and are not afraid of heights this would make for a great view.

Galena Moms go up, up, and away!

Major transportation

Cars and trollies are the two main forms of transformation in Galena.

Type of clothing and Food

You can wear anything and there are Bakeries, candy stores, and dinners.

Natural Resources

Galena is known for its minerals.

Language, Ethnicity, and Religion

The main language spoken in this region is English. The majority ethnicity here is white and the religion is Christian.