Oakview's Primary Pride

March 21-25, 2016


Words cannot express my gratitude for your calmness, swiftness, and teamwork on Thursday to keep our students safe during the hazardous weather. I received words of appreciation from parents. Many students truly believed it was simply a drill. Bravo!

After situations such as this, we should evaluate the process. In the future, if your students are in specials, you should quickly join them. We don't want you to take them back to your room, but you should assist the specials teacher because they are calmer with you. We had plenty of warning on Thursday that you would had time to get with your students. If there is not time, admin will let you know as we are in the hallway checking to make sure everyone is safe.

If the students are in the cafeteria and time allows it, the aides will try to get the students to their homeroom. That is our number one priority because homerooms are safest.

Be aware we are required to have two severe weather drills a year. We will have another one in the future, but it will be announced. So, any other time a surprise severe weather drill is announced, you can assume we are under a Tornado Warning. Keep your phone with you. We will communicate with you through Remind.


We have several new teachers this year and I wanted to share information that our veteran teachers already know. The key to ending the year without pulling out your hair is student engagement. Student engagement DOES NOT mean......WORKSHEETS. It means planning exciting, learner driven lessons. It also means you must have things planned, organized, and ready to go. Staying as close to normal as possible is also critical. Our students tend to have more issues when schedules are different. Be vigilant and keep students ENGAGED!


As we near the end of school, many items need to be considered. I want to make sure that I have not forgotten to tell anyone, so I have included the following list that your grade level team needs to discuss:

discipline management ideas

students needing to attend summer school

student retention

school supply lists

We will begin to gather to discuss these items very soon.


I hope you ALL take the time to watch the video below! POWERFUL!!!
‪#‎BELIEVE‬ in them! ‪#‎ExperiencetheBLUE‬ - Community ISD


Tuesday, March 22, 2016 - Pre-K PLC

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 - 1st Grade Data Meeting

Thursday, March 24, 2016 - PLCs during conferences


Don't forget April 28th is our biggest family night. We will have students' science projects displayed with many other outside booths set up too. Put it on your calendar.