Thailand is the core of Southeast Asia, Cambodia and Laos borders the country.To the east and north east lies Myanmar and also to the east lies the Andaman sea and the gulf of Thailand. It rains almost every day between the months of may and September. The climate is both hot and humid. There are 83 canals that run through out Bangkok with as many as 10,000 boats full of fruit, vegetables and fish crowding the canals creating a floating market.

Thailand covers an area of 198,455 sq miles with a population of more than 62 million people. The offical language is Thai and the main Religion in Thailand is Buddhism. The Lotus is the favourite flower of the Country.

The many forests of Thailand are home to many species of wild life such as Tigers, elephants, wild ox and Leopards. Elephants were once the main transportation for the Thai people. Cobaras and crocodiles can also be found in Thailand.

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The Thai flag is red white and blue.

The word Thailand means " Land of the free" .

government and eomomy

Thailand was known as Siam until 1939.A revolution in 1922 led to a constitutional monarchy.The King is the leader of the Country. The Prime Minister is picked by the King from members of the House of Representatives.

Thailand exports computers and parts , textiles such as silk and also rice. Agriculture and Tourism are very important industries for Thailand.

In 2004 Thailand was hit by the massive Indian Ocean Tsunami and has only now started to recover from the devastation caused by the disaster.

Thailands currency is - Baht.

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This is a traditional Thai art piece