Pedro Francisco

By: Alexis Mata


Pedro is an immigrant orphan that turned famous by becoming a private soldier. I thought Pedro deserved to have a monument because he was a fighting man of the revolutionary war. Pedro was a unforgettable man due to what George Washington said " that America would have not won the America Revolutionary War without the heroism of Peter Francisco. This is why Pedro deserves a monument for his heroism.


American Patriot

July 9, 1760 (birth date)

Jan 16, 1831 (death date)

Was supposedly a giant for an average American

Got kidnapped by pirates/ became a slave

Once found, was taken to Prince George Country Poorhouse/ learned to speak English

His mother speaks french/ father speaks another language

Where would this monument be located?


The monument is in New Jersey by the Hudson River in honor of Pedro. The monument was gray and stated a speech and had American Patriot. The visual of the monument is above.