A day with a teacher

Alex F p-5

Jacob a six grader at Smithfield Middle School. He is on his way to his seventh period class with Mrs. Fallis, his English teacher. As he walked in and sat at his desk. Across the way he saw Cody, a student who often draws instead of doing his work, but instead he was reading. As the bell rang for class to start Mrs. Fallis started her lesson but soon relised Cody was reading and pulitly asked him to put his book up, so Cody did but as soon as Mrs. Fallis started where she left off on that days idiom Cody pulled out a peice of paper and a pencil and started to draw. Mrs. Fallis realized grabbed the paper and gave him "the teacher look" and said "if you don't listen I will give you a d-hall but I don't like giving d-halls so please listen up.

As the class began there report on a famous person of there choice. Austin, a student who loved research, asked "why don't we use electronics to research instead of books?" Mrs. Fallis replied "I think technology is great but I want the students to have a solid foundation then use the technology to better there education". Seventh period ended and so Jacob went to eight period with Mrs. Youngblood. Mrs. Youngblood had explained that a cell is a building block of all living things and that the way that she knew a lot about science is because her father was a teacher so that's where she got some of her ways of teaching. Class went on then after school he asked Mrs. Youngblood why she taught science "A teacher taught me so well that I learned to love it" Jacob walked home that day and thought about his teachers and he couldn't what till tomorrow.


Mrs. Fallis

Mrs. Youngblood