"The Night of Broken Glass"


Jews had been targets for over 2000 years. Many people thought they were responsible for killing Jesus and to make it worse there were rumors that they would kill Christin children. They were also believed to be the cause for the plague. Surprisingly Jews were only 1% of the population yet Hitler still blamed them for everything.

Ernst's First Day of Kristallnacht

Ernst woke up on this morning and got just like he would on any other but when he got to school all of his teachers were gone. His classmates said that they were having a meeting but they said that on their way to school they noticed that non-Jews were destroying and stealing form Jewish stores, ,homes, etc. while others were cheering. The police just stood by as if nothing was happening. When his teacher entered the class room he instructed them to go home immediately and told them to not walk in groups so that they wouldn’t attract any attention. When the students asked him when they would return the teacher said he didn’t know.


Not very many people tryed to stop the night of broken glass. If someone did retaliate or attempted to stop Kristallnacht it most likley happened in Hamburg or in a district near by called the Elbe district.


Jews were forced out of there homes and were forced to watch there homes, offices ,etc. be robbed, burned, and destroyed. Jewish men often had long beards but during the night of broken glass non jews cut there beards off as they were taunted. People who tried to escape this were shot on the spot. Some Non jews went as far as invading jewish cemeteries. After watching everything around them be destroyed they were forced to clean the streets. Not only did they have to clean the streets but they had to pay a fine equivilent to 400 million dollars!!!!!!!

By The End

In the end 267 synagogues in germany and austria were set on fir or destroyed. 91 jews were killed. About 30,000 Jewish men between the ages 16 to 60 were taken to concentration camps.

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