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January 8, 2016

Welcome Back!

I hope you all enjoyed your break! We've spent some time this week reviewing the reading and work they did over break. In Math, we revisited our Google Slide of problems that they created! While in reading, we visited the padlet to see what they read over the break! Thanks for sending the bags of books back in.

Rethinking Reading

This week we come up with a new list of what being a reader means and looks like. We have been reviewing our practices. Soon we will each have a goal that we are personally working on as a reader. Ask your child what some of their thoughts are.

Student Ownership in Math

This week we refreshed our brains on what Mathematicians do when solving problems. We each took time to solve a problem they way we believed was successful. We then had a partner study our work. They were able to jot down their questions, thoughts and comments. After a few minutes we turned side by side and talked about what they did well and any questions that we had. As students finished we had an insightful class discuss on what students found out and realized that other people see or need to see in their work!

Family Tech Night

On Wednesday, January 13, please join us in our classroom (6:00-7:00 p.m.) for Family Tech Night. This is an open house so you can come for a few minutes or stay for the full hour. During this time, your child will show you some of the many ways we use technology for our learning.


It's that time for our second round of conferences. We will be holding them on Feb. 11th. If you would like to schedule a time to talk about your child's progress please e-mail me with a few times that work for you.

No School Friday Jan. 15th- PD Day

Remember that there is no school for students on January 15. All PK-5 teachers will be attending a professional development on that day, during which will be working with our colleagues from across the district and sharing our knowledge about good instruction. We will begin our day with a keynote presentation by Dr. Fred Burton, who is a former teacher and administrator and currently works as a Project Zero faculty member at the Graduate School of Education at Harvard. He is also the co-director for the Center of Creativity Institute for 21st Century Skills at the Columbus Museum of Art. We will discuss ways to better embed thinking routines with our students using the widely read book, Making Thinking Visible by Richhart, Morrison, and Church. Afterwards, we will work with our job-alike colleagues to specifically target how to implement best instructional practices for 3rd grade learners. This day will help us in our quest to continuously improve our work as teachers and, therefore, enrich the educational experience of all students.

Upcoming Dates

1/13- Dublin Library

1/15- No school- PD Day for teachers

1/18- No school MLK Day.

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