Sports Agent

An Professional Athlete's Personal Assistant

What do sports agents do?

A sports agent’s job is to keep an athlete's life organized. They take care of all the communication, choose their contract and help decide what is best for the player’s future. They negotiates the persons endorsements and deals and every part of the athletes life that has anything to do with money.

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Are there any education requirements?

There are no education requirements for those who choose to go into this business. Most have a bachelors degree, and have majored in either sports management, or sports business.

Are there any qualifications required?

There are no license or qualifications required to be a sports agent. If the athlete you plan to work for enjoys you, and you have a substantial amount of education, that is all you need. Nothing is required in this job, except for being very persuasive.
What Is A Sports Agent? A Lawyer Turned Sports Agent Explains


The average hourly wage for a sports agent is $46.35 and hour. The beginning wage is $14.09 per hour. Your hourly wage can increase as the number of years you have done it has too.

Why does this interest me?

This occupation interests me because I have always loved sports. Since there is a slim chance of me making it as a professional I think it would be awesome to work for one! Managing their life for them and taking care of everything for them could get me some great rewards.