The Landing

An end and a new beginning.

11:20 am Friday Dulles Airport.

After a 5 hour flight to Korea and then a 14 hour flight to D.C. I made it back! Whew. I had so many doubts at the end of this year with getting Dengue and having amoeba about whether or not I would have the strength to get home or even get everything done in time. In God's amazing grace it seemed like school just ended without me. I missed all of my last classes and both of my final exams. However, in some ways I think maybe God was covering me during that emotional time and reminding me not so subtly that He doesn't need me in Cambodia- the work is His- and if He wants to lay me out in bed so I can do nothing for days then it is part of His good plan.

Packing and cleaning were ridiculously hard. How did I accumulate so much stuff? How did I fit everything that to me constitutes home into three (overweight) suitcases? My house was messier than I realized...which is what happens I guess when you have a year of exhausting ministry. God really took care of me in those last two weeks through the help of friends (who cleaned for me and did school work for me), and through the provision of some wise counselors for helping me handle the stress of moving and transition. Perhaps some of the best provision was through the prayers of you all. Thank you so much for praying for me.

Amazingly coming home has been so different than others so far. In my head I know that I am not leaving at the end of the summer and there is something deeply unsettling about that. I have no job, no great vision, no ministry or people to serve, and am supposed to somehow start to put things down and "rest". It's going to be a long transition but one that I can already tell is going to challenge everything that is messed up with my identity and force me to look for those answers in Christ.

This year I want to share stories from the past years of service. A type of go back and recall God's faithfulness. Often I am so emotionally and spiritually exhausted on the field I don't have energy to write. And on other issues living in two countries where there is no freedom of speech also has been a challenge in really sharing what the situation is like and where more prayer is needed. I am hoping to take the emotional, spiritual, and political covering of this nation as an opportunity to give a bit more insight into what God is doing in Asia. He is doing amazing work there, and it is awesome, and I hope it blesses you as you follow along.

Mainly I wanted to send this out to say thank you. It is not said often enough. Thank you so much for supporting and encouraging me to follow God's call these past nine years.

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