The Growth of a Nation

All About the Louisiana Purchase

Why is the Louisiana Purchase Important?

  • It DOUBLED the size of our country overnight
  • By gaining access to the Port of Orleans, we gained access to trading with other countries.
  • We now owned land on both sides of the Mississippi River (2nd longest in North America) and all the land surrounding the Missouri River (longest river)
  • More space = more people = opportunity for more goods produced
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Other Great Facts

  • Purchased in 1803 from Emperor Napoleon in France
  • Robert Livingston and James Monroe were sent to buy a part of Florida and the Port of Orleans, but Napoleon offered the whole territory because he didn't want England to get it (and he needed money)
  • President Thomas Jefferson didn't officially approve of the Purchase until after the deal was made.
  • Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were assigned to explore the new territory.