Chronicles of Narnia

Prince Caspian

By C.S Lewis

Flyer by Nathan 195 pages (First edition)

''Enter the Magical World of Narnia.''

When Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy are on the train to Lucy's first day of boarding school, something magical happens. The children soon figure out that they are at the ruins of there old castle Cair Paravel and that hundreds of years ago the Telmarines took over Narnia. Later that day the children meet a dwarf, Nikabrik, who tells them about what is happening in the forest. Prince Caspian who is next to be king learns that his uncle, Miraz, the current king, has just had a baby. The king does not want Caspian to be king anymore, so he wants his son to be king. The Caspian figures out that his uncle will kill him, so he decides to run away. Some dwarfs take him into there home and Caspian tells his story and the dwarfs agree to help him with his problem. Soon all of the magical animals made a army to fight against Caspian's uncles army. Will the Narniains defeat Miraz's (Caspian's uncle) army? Read this action packed book to find out.

The Theme

The book Prince Caspian is written in first person.

The theme of Prince Caspian is courage, chivalry, and C.S Lewis said, ''the restoration of a true religion after a corruption.''

How does the book Prince Caspian apply to my life.

The book Prince Caspian applies to my life because I have to be brave sometimes when I am up to bat and a really fast pitcher is pitching, or when I have to walk my dog at night. The children had to be brave when they were walking through the forest to get to Prince Caspian. Peter had to be brave when he had to fight Miraz for Narnia. Also the Narniaians had to be brave when to be brave while fighting against Miraz's army to win back Narnia. This is how the theme can connect to my life.
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This is a important part in the book because this is when the children see Aslan for the first time in Narnia