You dont have to change who you are to make someone happy.


Stargirl: Stargirl turned the school to a positive mode. Leo: Leo made Stargirl become someone she is not. 

The dance

 My favorite part of this book was the dance when Stargirl kissed Hillari.

Figurative Language

Strong Verbs

But Kevin was screaming on the phone (page:22). I jumped in the family pickup and raced to the stadium (page:22). I bolted from the truck (page:22). Kevin was at the gate, windmilling his arms (page:22). "See better up here," he said, yanked me into the race for the field (page:22).      


     One day a girl named Stargirl arived at Mica High school. She was the exacted opposite of every one else. She would do crazy things. Like sing to people on their birthdays. Then Stargirl and a boy named Leo  fell in love. Stargirl turns the whole school around. Now everyone at Mica High is starting to win there games and more people come to the games. Stargirl got to go to this poetery contest and she won. She was expecting a whole much of people to be there, but there only was three people.The next day stargirl had vanish.

Sites and Sources, Jerry Spinelli's book, (pages:15,16,17,and 22) and packets.