Title 1 Newsletter

Quarter 2

Principal's Note

Hello Raider Families,

We have successfully completed the first half of the school year! Looking back over the first semester, we’ve had a strong start to the school year due to some new great initiatives as well as some tried and true refinements on proven educational practices. We implemented a new “House System” (<-- link) as a result of visiting the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, GA, where school culture and student leaders are developed while having discussions surrounding school improvement and community service; we have a cohort of five teachers implementing Responsive Advisory Meetings where teachers utilize specially designed activities to develop students’ social emotional learning competencies; we also:

  • Held a combined Bayside Middle School and Bayside Sixth Grade Pep Rally,

  • Participated in an American Heart Association combined fundraiser,

  • Gave away memberships to Williams Farm Recreation Center and Apple AirPods,

  • Coordinated and provided staff support to our Project Hope families during the winter holidays,

  • Had the Math Department Host 8 Middle School Visits to see the great work they are doing as a department,

  • Participated in the Division-wide MathSpace Challenge where the top 10 positions were all held by Bayside Sixth Grade Campus classes because our students took the challenge seriously and committed themselves to holding their positions,

  • Held two “Work With Me Wednesday” Parent Days (October and January),

  • Secured a visit to the Mariner’s Museum on Friday, February 14

  • Secured tickets to see a performance at the Sandler Center

  • Secured reservations for our entire school to visit The National Museum of African American History and Culture on March 6th. This was the culmination of a two-year effort, of which, we are extremely proud.

We are proud of our students and our faculty and staff for all of the dedication and hard work they have employed in the first half of the year. We are looking forward to an even greater second half of the school year with your continued partnership.

Literacy Update

Our students have been busy at Bayside Sixth Grade Campus in the second quarter of the year! We started off the quarter with a Narrative Writing Unit. Students wrote a narrative that described a situation or event that caused a change for him/her and shared how he/she embraced that change. Included in the narrative were the following writing skills: development of characters, setting, and plot, dialogue, consistent verb tense, and elaboration. Students finished Quarter 2 in the midst of Unit 4, where students analyzed how literary characters change and conflict grows as a result of events in the plot as well as how themes develop throughout fiction. Students examined how an author’s word choice helps to contribute to the reader’s understanding and how those choices contribute to the tone of a piece. To accompany the fiction texts, students also read a variety of nonfiction texts. Students will end this unit at the beginning of Quarter 3 with a performance-based assessment creating a children’s book based on a theme or conflict they’ve discovered in their readings or rewriting the ending of a story to show how failure is an opportunity to learn.

Numeracy Update

Students have been working very hard this quarter learning about fractions, decimals, and percentages. Teachers have implemented a wide variety of resources (such as Educreations, Flocabulary, Mathspace, and Voice and Choice) to help students learn this difficult concept. Students enjoyed practicing multiplying and dividing fractions by using fraction circles and online tools! During Raider Prep, students have been reading about math using Scholastic Math Magazine. Coming up next is our Algebra unit. We look forward to showing students how Algebra can be used every day in the real world!!