The Monkey's Paw

By: W.W. Jacobs


The Monkeys Paw is about a paw that grants you 3 wishes. Sargent Morris brought the monkeys paw to the Whites house. Mr and Mrs. White have a son named herbert and Mr. White decides to make the first wish. He wishes for two hundread pounds. Things went down hill from there. A stranger came up to their door to tell them that Herbert was hurt and died. Mrs. White was so devistated that she made her husband go get the paw so they could wish for Herbert to come back. They heard knocking on the door and Mrs. White thought it was Herbert but no one was there.


Mr and Mrs. White were Herberts parents.

Sargent Morris was Mr amd Mrs. Whites friend.

Herbert was Mr and Mrs. Whites son.


I can infer that Herbert didnt come back because at the end of the story because Mrs. White was really sad and dissipoited at the end of the story. I know this because it said " A cold wish rushed up the staircase, and a loud wail of dissapointment and mysery from his wife gave him courage to come down to her side ,and then to the gate beyond".


The conflict of the story is that, After the first wish Mr and Mrs. White were told that their son Herbert died. The conflict was not resolved because herbert did not come back.


The theme of the story is, When you have a cursed monkey paw dont take the three wishes. Because everything went wrong after they used the first wish.