General Surgeon

By Peter Lester

Description of a General Surgeon

A specialist in surgery of the abdomen and of the internal organs such as the esphagus, stomach, colon and liver. Also they try to keep invasive surgery down to minimal, they do this by using state of the art technology.

Associations Related

Some professional occupations that are similar to a surgeon are physicians, dentists, podiatrists and veterinarians, anesthesiologists, obstetricians and operating room nurses, they have a medically similarity to the job of a surgeon.

Required education

Most general surgeons have to go to multiple places for education, such as college, medical schoo, and specliazed training. Also requires bachelors degrees in science or chemistry or biology. They also go to schools where they can get medicine degrees or MDs. Then after medical school most surgeons go through internships.

Equipment used by Surgeons

General surgeons have to have very steady hands and be able to work with many complicated tools such as, cuting instruments, forceps which is supposed to help stop blood flow, retractors, clamps and distractors, articulator, and many of these are for either holding, cutting or retracting, and they ahve to be skilled with all of them.

Work Enviroment

All surgeons must be self-motivated and have the physical, mental, and emotional stamina to handle the pressure and long hours of medical education. They also have to work very long hours at hospitals. Most surgeons have to keep studying after they graduted to keep in touch with the modern medical fields.


The salary for surgeons is usually very good,it's one of the highest among jobs in America, general surgeons can make anywhere between and can change due to what nspecific type of surgeries they do but they usually make about 250,000 dollars to 300,000. So the median salary for the average general surgeon is about 275,000 dollars.

Career Outlook

The employment outlook for general surgeons is actually pretty good. employment for surgeons is projected to be higher than the average for any other occupation throuhout 2014. The aging and growing population should help the employment for surgeons, because it should increase the number of patients. Also new technology can also help people become better surgeons.

Institutions where Education is Offered

Some places where education is offered is Harvard University in Boston. Also at Stanford in Calfornia, and at John Hopkins University located in Baltimore. University of Calfornia in San Fransico also offers this type of education, the Unversity of Pennsylvania offers this education as well.

Cost of Education

The average cost of a four year degree at one of these medical schools is $66,750, first year rates go at about $10,000. And the rate grows each year after that. Also 86 percent of medical students surveyed reported that they were in debt because of medical school.

Documented Statistics

Texas has the second highest employment of general surgeons in the United States, with 2,980 surgeons being employed. The highest concentration of surgeon jobs in TExas are in thr north by the Dallas, Fort Worth area and also by Houston. But Texas also has one of the lowest annual wage for surgeons. Another interesting stat about surgeons is that 79 percent of US surgeons are male while the remaining 21 percent are female.
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Why I Chose This Profession

I want to become a general surgeon because I want to help who can't help themselves. I want to be able to save lives and make people more comfortable about their bodies. Or be able to help someone because they have something wrong with them, also i want to learn more about the human body. Becoming a surgeon would alos let me give back to the community because i will be able to help people near me. Being a surgeon would also gratly help me provide for my family and also help me provide a great education and live for my childern.