Big Island Rendezvous

Field Trip


Big Island Rendezvous

On Friday October 2nd I woke up excited because that day we were going to Big Island Rendezvous in Albert Lea , Minnesota! I woke up got hats , mittens , and even 2 coats because it was gonna be a cold one! My mom drove me to school early cause I thought we were doing video announcements but they weren’t working so they got cancelled.

So I waited for my mom to come to the room when she did my teacher Mr.Puttman started talking about what we're gonna do there , the busing , and some other stuff. But finally the parents had to leave and we were loading the buses for Big Island Rendezvous!

I sat with my two friends Anna and Paisley. We made an IMovie on the way there. When we finally got there are first station was a storyteller that told us a story called Pink & Say. It was about the civil war and slavery. There were two friends and Pink (Pinkus Aylee) was a slave they were going to fight in the war when they got caught to go to a prison camp that no one comes out of. They were treated very poorly! Pink died but Say stayed alive for the sake of Pink. It was kind of sad!

The next station we went to was a native american station that had a bunch of tools laid out on a cloth and he told us what they were. After that , we had lunch and then we got to go to traders row where we got to trade money for cool souvenirs. Then we went to a cool carving station where we got to drill holes , carve stuff and shave wood. One of my favorites was the Lewis & Clark station. He said “This stick is good for putting holes in Mr.Puttnam.” He was really funny!

Then we went to our last station where we got to throw tomahawks I made one on the piece of wood. When we were all done we got some root beer and headed home with Alexis it was a really fun field trip!

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