The Scientific Revolution

Jennie Santizo

What was the change?

The change was when scholars started to challenge ideas of philosopher and the church which started the Scientific Revolution. Which was the new way of thinking of the natural world. Philosopher Aristotle believed that the earth was the center of the universe. He thought of this because the sun rose in the morning and set in the night. Aristotle philosophy was called the geocentric theory. This lead to Copernicus making his hypothesis that the earth and other planets and stars revolve around the sun that was called the heliocentric theory. After other people started growing off that theory and making new discoveries like Brahe,Kepler, Galileo,and Newton.In additionally the change lead to many conflicts with the church and the teachings. The change also created new discoveries in math and science that impacted society during that time and now.

People involed with the change

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Copernicus started to studied Aristotle philosophy that the earth is in the middle of the universe. Later he made his theory that the earth,and other planets,and stars revolved around the sun that was called the heliocentric theory. Unfortunately Copernicus theory didn't have an explanation why earth,and other planets,and stars revolved around the sun. He also thought that scholars and clergy wouldn't be live his theory.He knew that the church will kill him because it went against the church's teachings.Copernicus hide his discover until 1543. He published the book called On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Bodies. Although, the book was not a big controversy during that time.

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Newton was a mathematics and physics at a University. He discovered that the planets and all matter earth and space has equal ruled motion. Therefore,Newton created three laws of motion. The first law is if there is an object moving it will keep on moving unless there is a force stopping it. The second law is if an object mass times acceleration equal force. The third law is for every action there is an equal reaction. Later Newton published his book called The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy. In the book he describes the universe like a clock and that god is the clockmaker that set the universe in motion.

How did the change impact society at the time?

It impact by crated new discoveries like the Scientific Method. This was scientific thinking from Copernicus,Kepler,Galileo that developed the scientific Method. The method is gathering and testing ideas. The first thing you have to make is a hypothesis. After you have to test the hypothesis by experiment or base of data. Then it is looked at to make a conclusion. Finally based on the conclusion you see if the hypothesis is correct or not. That's how all their discoveries came to be and is one of the many impacts that changed society.

How is that change evidenenced in today's modern society?

The scientific Method created scientific instruments, medicine and human body and discoveries in chemistry. It is because scientific Method is a hypothesis that is made and proven which helps advance society. For example in scientific instruments Zacharias Jansen was the first one to invent the microscope. Now microscopes are used by scientist to study organism. In chemistry Robert Boyle said that matter is composed of small particles and his law shows that volume,temperature, and pressure of gas affect each other.Finally medicine and human body Andreas Vesalius proved that the human body is different from other animals. The change really advanced today's society.