All About Fraud

BY: Demi Matheson

Fraud! No one likes being fooled, so why do people do it?

Fraud means- intentional deception for gain.

There are MANY types of fraud, but I'm only going to talk about three main ones.

1 Phishing and Smishing Phishing is with email and smishing is with message. It is basically fake mail to get someone to provide personal information.

2 Retail/Action Fraud. This is where you buy something but don't get it.

For example: Someone bought a computer but got a brick in a box instead.

3 Work at home. There may be a great offer for you to work at home but really you are getting yourself into a pickle.

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Avoiding Fraud

Ways to avoid fraud,

If you do get am email or message (Phishing and Smishing) DO NOT reply!!!!

Look at the costumer rates.

IF IT LOOKS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, it probably is!