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Mosier's Memos - Advice for the New Teacher


In order to "jump start" blogging in the district I work in, they have developed the DCSD Blog Challenge. A new topic is posted every Sunday evening for the week with the hopes of having more and more teachers dive into the blogging realm. If you're interested in reading more, you can check out #DCSDblogs, or visit the Showcase Page on the DCSD Blogs website. This week's topic is simply titled, "Tips and Tricks," that asks us to offer advice to new and incoming teachers from our perspective.

New Teacher Fever

We've all been there! We all remember the first time we stepped foot into what would be "our very own" classroom. College and student teaching are in the rearview mirror, the hiring process is over, but now what? I am in no way a professional educator, nor do I believe that I will ever reach that, but there are a few important pieces of advice that have helped me along the way that I'd love to pass along to brand new teachers.

Come in Like a Sponge

The worst thing I did going into student teaching was feeling over confident in my abilities and thinking I was ready for any challenge. I soon realized that I had a lot to learn to become as good as I thought I was. However, a major piece of advice for you is to come in like a sponge! Take everything in, whether you agree with it or not, soak it all in. Having knowledge from varying sources and levels of folks in the profession will help develop you into a well-rounded educator.

Avoid the "Silo Effect"

Coming into a new position is a daunting experience. You have to know what you're teaching, plus meet your co-workers and hopefully get along with them, all the while preparing yourself to lead the next group of leaders of the world. But, how?! An easy answer is to not fall into the "silo effect." Your classroom door opens as easily as it shuts, so go and visit the veteran educator down the hall, have a chat with the teacher who has only been there a few years, talk to other school staff to learn about how things work in the building and how you could increase your skill set. But, don't treat your classroom as a silo. Venture out and learn something new!

Be an Active Social Media Participant

A few years ago, I discovered the innumerable benefits of Twitter and how amazing the Twitterverse is. I have "met" some wonderful teachers who are even better people in my musings. Posting a quick question or call for ideas on Twitter can elicit some of the best responses. The coolest thing? The answer could come from the next city over, or it could come from all the way across the globe. Do not be afraid to reach out for assistance and ideas on all of the platforms. You never know what exciting new ideas you may discover!

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